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Location Arcology Underside
Rewards Port Issoudun Credentials

Transporter is a Boss and Enemy in Hellpoint. Transporter can be found at Arcology Underside.


Transporter Information

  • A predator alien with a huge tongue and two arm blades.


Transporter Locations & Drops


How to Beat Transporter

Transporter Boss Guide:

This boss deals high damage but his attacks can be predicted easily.

The battlefield is small and you will have to watch carefully to predict his moves.  However, this can be used against him as most of his attacks are pouncing or charging.  Staying close to him makes dodging easier since his attacks will move right past you.  If you shield bash, he will sometimes try to dash away from you right after, giving you a free hit if he's stick against the wall.  Due to his agility and length, it is very difficult to get backstabs so do not rely on such a tactic.

 Always try to stay to its side.  It does radiation damage with its claws, so radiation resistance is recommended.  In addition, it is very vulnerable to parrying.

Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1
Jump Attack: It will spin in the air while attacking This attack is fast. Try to dodge or use your shield
Three Hit Combo: It will move forward while swinging his arms and dealing high damage. Try dodge backwards and wait for his attack to finish. If you have a ranged gun use it to deal some damage
Leap Attack: It will lock the player on the floor dealing high damage. This attack will stagger you if you get hit. Dodge forward and strike back
Tail Attack: It will attack to the side with his tail. Dodge backwards




Notes & Trivia

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 hellpoint artbook 36




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    • Anonymous

      this boss is just a gear check. not high enough level? you have no chance. you only need a of stamina to win, so if you developed other stats then you probably won't be able to beat this guy until you grind levels out

      just bad game design.

      • Anonymous

        White Prophet Hands second ability makes this fight trivial. Just run up to him, snap the projectiles in his face, wait until he stands back up again, repeat.

        • Anonymous

          Weak to shield stagger, just raise your shield the moment he starts his attack animation. Every attack except the leapgrab are staggerable. He

          Staggered him all fight long. Poor bastard.

          • Anonymous

            If you take your EVA suit off and die to this boss after activating the breach outside, you will spawn there unprotected. I’m now stuck in a loop where I spawn, die immediately, spawn, die, forever.

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