Arcology Underside is a Location in Hellpoint. The lowest area of the station. A good part of this area is located outside the station where you have to deal with the vacuum of space.


Full Arcology Underside Walkthrough

Run up stair to big building with 2 artilleries shooting you from the rooftop. Get into lift under the warp point to Alma Mater. Run down the stair, Open the door and stabilize the Arcology Underside – Centrall Mall breach.


Open the next door and defeat 1x Sentinel. Go inside the building in front of the breach to find 1x Breach Synchronizer.


Go back and turn left. You can find 1x Column at the end of the walkway. Defeat the enemies and explore the area on the back. Here you can find the Model for the Eva Outfit Set (Repaired). You will have to fix the Broken EVA Outfit Set to complete Arcology Underside.



You can defeat a Horde here during the Hell Hour Time. You can acquire 1x Artillery OTX by completing the event.



Go inside the building using the stairs on the left, here you can find 1x Material: Charged Prism and 1x Ration.


Go back outside and head up using the stairs located in the middle of the room. Defeat 2x Sentinel, 2x Radiation Viper and 1x Small Celestial Beast. You can pick up Cognition Module from the center of the room.


NOTE: You can use the Quantum Light Omnicube to illuminate two hidden platforms leading to the top of the statue. There you will find 1x Stamina Module.


Head to the other side of the room and jump to the columns. Reach the other side of the platform. Defeat 1x Sentinel and pick up 1x Healing Proficiency. There is also a door leading to Alma Mater Atrium. (From here you will be able to activate the elevator and find the Eye Tower Two Activation)


Go down and defeat 1x Lava Mini-Boss. Explore inside the buildings to find 1x Artillery Shield and 1x Model: Strength Melee Conductor.


Turn back and explore the other side of the lower level. You can find Rail Poignard dropped on the ground.


You can also find the Omnicube Heater on the room on the left.


Go through the elevator behind the Lava Mini-Boss to reach the Archology Underside – SAS Breach. There is a Medical Station that you can use to heal or upgrade your Healing Method.


Equip the Eva Outfit Set (So you can survive the Radiation and Oxygen) and open the door located on the lower level. This will pressurize the room and you will be able to head outside. Go left and jump through the platforms, you can find 1x Refined Carbon along the way.


Jump to reach the magnetic lift and walk through the edge. You will find a small room that can be pressurized (you can use it if you don’t have the EVA Suit). Jump over and you will find a room with 2x EVA Victims. Defeat them and keep going. Jump to  the next building (the inside is pressurized) and you will have to defeat 1x Small Artillery. You can go outside to find 1x Model: Entropic Railgun.


Head back inside and go up using the magnetic elevator. Defeat 1x EVA Victim and jump to the magnetic lift. Jump right until you reach the platform, below you can find a Breach.


Go up using the magnetic lift to your right, you can find 1x Protective Energy Module. Go back and go inside the building using the door. Once you get inside you will have to fight the Transporter Boss.


After you defeat him you will be awarded with Port Issoudun Credentials.


Continue ahead and you will find a door leading to the Observatory, there you can open a closed door and find the Observatory Gallery key and open a shortcut back to the Observatory.


Head back to the breach and go inside the building with the Small Artillery. Use the mag lift inside kill the EVA suit enemy. When you look outside to the left you can see a mag lift, jump on it and head up. You will find One inselium rod, Diamond Ingot and the Jukebox Program E together with  some data messages on the walls.


Head back to the breach and go inside the building with the Small Artillery. Head left and jump to reach the magnetic lift. Go up and walk to the center of the room. You can jump from the platform to the building. Here you will find 1x Mind Vessel: S and 1x Axions (2222).


Head below using the magnetic lift. On this floor you can find: 1x Old Heat Shield below the stairs, 1x Model: Radioactive Shield Conductor on the right side on top of the stairs, and 1x Inselium Rod Dropped on the ground. There is also 1x Axions (999) that you can pick up on the left side by jumping and defeating 1x EVA Victim.


Go back up and jump through the whole located on the right area of the platform. You will see 1x Axions (5555) dropped in the ground. After you pick up the item activate the switch to lower the columns leading to the beginning of the area. You can also use the platform to reach 1x Axions (9999).


Go inside the building and on the upper level you will find the Minor Thespian Set next to some corruption.


Go back outside and head to the second level, on the right part you will be able to jump to a scaffold. Once you are on the other side 1x Small Artillery will start attacking you. Avoid his attacks and reach the magnetic lift located at the bottom of the ramp.


Go up and head left, you will see another magnetic lift leading you to a small area where the Prying Tool can be found.


Head back down and go inside the building. Go up and defeat the Small Artillery. Go outside and head down the ramp. You will find a big open room with many platforms. Make your way down. You can find 3x Material: Inselium Slate on the L shaped platform.


Keep going down and at the bottom you will find 1x Material: Nervous Wiring. Jump the scaffolds on the side and go up using the magnetic lift.


Jump left and go down to reach the final building. Here you will find the complete Aegis Armature Set.


Open the door leading back to the Breach and head down. Go back to the Arcology Underside main level and use the elevator to head towards the Alma Mater Atrium. Use the elevator and head to the Alma Mater through the tunnel. You can also enter Alma Mater from the main entrance, located on top of the stairs outside the Gallery.



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    • Anonymous

      The lift for arcology underside is not located in alma mater, its right underneath the entrance to alma mater, there's a set of stairs leading down if you just run straight ahead from the main gate

      • Anonymous

        So, this guide isn't particularly intuitive? I'm genuinely confused about how to even get here following the guides logic. "Up stairs to big building with 2 artillerys shooting you from rooftop" sounds like Alma Mater Atrium to Alma Mater proper, but I can be sure. Where I'm REALLY stumped is "Get into lift under the warp point to Alma Mater'. What lift?! I found a breach point the moment I opened the door, sure, and I can see huge open space where I'll certainly fall to my death that might hold an elevator, ok. But under? There's no way down as far as I can see...

        • Anonymous

          Anybody know how to access the hole in the ceiling above the Artillery Shield? It's below the Healing Proficiency exit to Alma Mater Atrium.

          • Anonymous

            You're missing the secret room with the Jukebox E in it. It's at the top of the building on the far left, (with the small artillery inside) once you get to the top of the rail, there's a guy in an EVA suit you have to kill, then you can jump to a set of rails handing from the ceiling but free floating otherwise. Climb to the top of the first rail you jump to, then jump left to the one pretty far away while spamming the climb button (X or ?) you'll connect near the button of the rail. Then climb to the top of that one and you'll be in the secret room.

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