Arcology is a Location in Hellpoint. Arcology is divided into two main areas and provides access to both the Sohn District and the Ikari Walkways


Full Arcology Walkthrough

You will get 1x Coin when you reach the area. There is an elevator in the middle of the room. Activate it.


Once you reach the bottom area head to the closed door and you will find 1x Axion (444) next to it. Go up the stairs and stabilize the breach.


Go up the stairs and you will have to fight 3x Mace Victim 1x Shield Victim 1x Ranged Victim. Explore the area to find 1x Railgun.


In the center of the room you will find an object that you can interact with providing some Lore.


You can find an elevator next to the Railgun. Go up the stairs and kill 1x Weapon Victim. To your left you will see some boxes. Climb over them and jump over the structures to find 1x Magnifier Goggles.


Go back and keep going. You will fight 1x Unarmed Victim and 2x Weapon Victim. You can find 1x Axion (66) on the floor and 1x Raw Inselium and 1x Carbon Scraps at the end of the path.


Interact with the controller to open the doors on the lower floor. If you look down you will see 1x Axion (777) on top of a Tree. You can jump down to reach it.


Go past the door and fight 3x Unarmed Victim.  To your left you can find 1x Raw Inselium and to your right 1x Carbon Scraps.


Go down and explore the area under the Bridge to find 1x Axion (333) and 1x Daring Effigy. You can also find 1x Inselium Ingot downstairs.


Go ahead to fight Celestial Beast. Once you defeat him you will obtain: 1x Arcology Limited Access Passport. Continue and open the breach Arcology - Customs Bridge at the end of the bridge.


Explore the area around the Customs Bridge Breach to find 1x Lost Hatchet. You can go under the bridge using the stairs to your left to find 1x Raw Inselium and 1x Small Archon.


NOTE: There is a broken bridge below the main bridge. If you have the Quantum Light omnicube you can aim it down to reveal invisible platforms that you can use to go to the bottom of the bridge. Once there, jump over to reach the other side. Go up using the magnetic lifts and you will find 1x Healing Proficiency. If you jump down from the right side of the bridge you can find 2x Unarmed enemies, 1x Model: Infused Column and 1x Axion (222).


 Go back to the breach and head inside the building to your left. Go down the stairs to find 1x Health Module.


Head inside the building in front of you using the control panel beside the door. Use the stairs to your left and you will find 1x Breach Synchronizer. Behind the door you can find an elevator.


Walk to the other side of the building and activate the Elevator. This will grant you access to three levels:

Level 1: Sohn District. The last breach, right after you defeat the Arisen Congregators. (You need to unlock the Elevator from the Sohn District)

Level 2: Where you are currently standing. The main floor of Arcology

Level 3: This will lead you to an open area with 5 computers. Each one corresponding to one Tower and Eye. Entering the correct codes will turn the eyes. Turning the eyes in certain patterns allow you to re-direct the blackhole, granting access to special areas or unlocking certain doors during the Blackhole hour.

  • First Door
    • Eye Two : 2602 9417
    • Eye Four : 5624 7947
  • Second Door
    • Eye Two : 3898 9450
    • Eye Three : 5012 3677
  • Third Door
    • Eye Four : 6080 7797
    • Eye Five : 2856 5003
  • Fourth Door
    • Eye Three : 5440 3585
    • Eye Five : 2029 5238


On the lower floor you'll find a machine where you can place Mind Vessels and talk with them providing Lore.


Celestial Workshop

Go to the second floor and go up the stairs. Cross the teleporter and continue ahead.


You find a square with a ritual structure in the middle.


There is a secret room on the right wall of the bottom floor.arcology_location_33_hellpoint_wiki_guide_600px

 In order to open it, you will need to active the hidden switch behind a pillar on the opposite wall. Open it to find 1x Axions (3333).

Screenshot depicting hidden lever, in arcologyThere is another secret room inside the secret room. Search for the switch and activate it, you can find it behind a pillar on the left side from where you enter the room.


This will lead you to a complete Sentinel Set. Don't forget to grab the coin behind you after you grab the set.


After you defeat the enemies go inside the building and turn left, you will find the complete Preterhuman Set dropped on the ground guarded by 1x Lava Daemon. Go up the stairs to pick up Channeler of Hell


Jump down and stabilize the breach. You can find some stairs and a door at the corner of the room. This leads you to the Alma Mater Atrium.


Use the stairs next to the breach and go up. On the top level you will find the Mind Vessel: A.S. 1x Material: White Tempering and the Blacksmith NPC.


The Blacksmith NPC will craft you unique Weapons if you give him one of the three Gods pieces.

Fragment of Ozyormy Goija: He will craft Ozy's Hand for you.

Fragment of Uthos, the Ash-Born: He will craft Uthos Gavel for you.

Fragment of Nemundis, the Undisturbed: He will craft Nemundis Oculus for you.


Once you are done you'll have to decide where to go next: Sohn DistrictIkari Walkways or the Alma Mater Atrium.

Main Districts

Head back outside. You can use the Arcology Limited Access Passport on the machine in the middle and choose from two different locations: Sohn District and Ikari Walkways.


Ikari Walkways

If you choose the Ikari Walkways, you'll be able to get there as soon as you cross.


Sohn District

If you choose the Sohn District the door to your left will open. Head down and fight 1x Mace Victim and 1x Shield Victim. Explore the area to find 1x Carbon Scraps and 1x Raw Inselium.


Keep going and you will find an open area with many enemies. You can find 1x Material: Accelerator on the ground.


Keep going through the open area and explore the floor and behind boxes. You can find 1x Inselium Rod and 2x Axium (444).


Go inside the building at the end of the alley and go up using the lift. Jump over to the bridge and you can find 1x Inselium Rod on the other side. Defeat 2x Weapon Victim and keep going.


Keep going through the bridge until you see 3x Weapon Victim. Behind them you can find the Nerve Suit Set: 1x Nerve Suit Mask, 1x Nerve Suit Torso, 1x Nerve Suit Gloves, 1x Nerve Suit Leggings.


You can jump over the boxes and the lamp located on the bridge to reach a hidden area where you can find 1x Material: White Tempering.


Note: If you follow the end of this small path on the image above you can jump over to another bridge. From that bridge, you can see an item on a spot below you. You can get there by carefully dropping down. You find Axions (555) and Coin (1). Alternatively you can get there also from the large bridge that you came from. At the end of this bridge on your left you can jump on some thin beams and walk around those to get to that spot. Both ways have the risk of falling down though. 


Turn right and enter the building (Watch your step there is no floor between the building and the bridge and you have to jump). Kill the enemies and keep going until you reach the bottom area. Head right and open the door leading to a previous area. Go back inside and head left and on the end of the corridor you will find 1x Daemon Scythe.


Go back using the corridor and head upstairs. You will find 1x Omnicube Light there.


Keep going until the path splits. Head right and defeat the enemies. You can find 1x Material: Metallic Glass and 1x Axion (444) inside the room. There is a small room to your left  with 1x Viper and 1x Raw Inselium.


Jump over the gap to your left. There is a room with 1x Scrapped Heat Shield. Jump down and interact with the console to obtain Data.


Jump over to the other side and defeat 2x Viper there is also 1x Axion (222) on the floor. You can jump over the gap on the wall to find 1x Strength Melee Conductor.


Head right and at the end of the corridor you can stabilize the breach Arcology - Condo Ruins. You can also travel to the Sohn District.




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    • Anonymous

      23 Jun 2021 01:36  

      In the room where you find the light pmnicube, there's a hidden door where you can find a jukebox omnicube.

      • Anonymous

        05 Dec 2020 17:44  

        This page is not only missing info, but it is also disjointed as all hell considering it tells you to use the elevator the first time you come here... Considering it is disabled the first time you come here, I don't really understand why that is posted where it is.

        • Anonymous

          22 Sep 2020 17:31  

          There is something missing on the part after the Nerve Suit Set - after jumping onto the boxes right beside the set, you can jump onto a platform into the direction of the bridge to reach said bridge. Hug the wall where you reach the bridge and onto a platform below for 1x 555 Axion.

          • Anonymous

            14 Sep 2020 14:56  

            The Celestial Workshop was full of Our Praying Hostess' after her boss battle elsewhere. I dont know why this was? Or if it's related...

            • Anonymous

              27 Aug 2020 05:06  

              The Elevator is "disconnected" for me, what do I need to do to make it work? I've defeated 2 god already but I can't go on, is there a second passport? I don't get what I missed even after looking here, please help.

              • Anonymous

                23 Aug 2020 20:36  

                The eye code gates are bugged on console. Im playing on ps4 and tried out the sohn district gate. The towers are alligned, you see the beam going to the door but it still wont open. Reloading/Restarting doesnt help its jist bugged. Dunno about the other 3 doors but seriously im having no blast standing in front of closed doors so ill not try it. Patch this damn bugged game on all devices, not only on pc.

                • Anonymous

                  08 Aug 2020 21:00  

                  To the right of the terminal, before you jump over to the two fish demons, is a secret door with one of the eye codes.

                  • Anonymous

                    07 Aug 2020 10:13  

                    There is a secret door in the room with the Demon Scythe loot cube. Destroy the stacked crates near the wall to uncover the interactive wall section. Inside, you will find a Jukebox omnicube program.

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