Reflex Melee Conductor

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Type Upgrade Chips

Reflex Melee Conductor is an Upgrade Chip in Hellpoint. Upgrade Chips are a special type of item, that can bolster your weapons. The Upgrade Chips themselves can be upgraded with Axions at the Weapon Editor.

 Reflex Melee Conductor - Information / Use

  • Ingame description : Equip it on a melee weapon at an Upgrade Station to improve melee weapon damage based on Reflexes.
  • (Upgrade Station = Weapon Editor, located in the Observatory area, just next to the Observatory - Podium breach.)


  • Whichever Melee Weapon you decide to equip with this Upgrade Chip, it seems to provide a flat increase of +75 to the original value of the Reflex Bonus this weapon inherently possesses.
  • This is the case, even if the original value of the Reflex Bonus for this particular Melee Weapon is equal to 0 ; which means that, although it wasn't initially the case, thanks to this Upgrade Chip, the damage output of this weapon now also benefits from your Reflex Stat.


  • In addition to the passive increase to damage, which scales with the value of your Reflex Stat, the weapon equipped with the Reflex Melee Conductor also gets a new active ability, going by the same name.
  • (This active ability replaces the Conductor Effect "ability", present by default on every Melee Weapon which is not equipped with an Upgrade Chip.)
  • Ingame description of the "Reflex Melee Conductor" active ability : Temporarily boosts attack speed and reduces attack stamina cost.
  • This ability costs 25 Energy Points to activate, and lasts roughly 20 seconds. After some testing, it appears that, whenever the ability is used, the attack animations are effectively sped up, and the stamina costs are indeed lowered.
  • Since the overwhelming majority of the Melee Weapons that scale exclusively with the Reflex Stat are already characterized by fast swing speeds, and low stamina costs, it is difficult to determine how much of a temporary improvement this constitutes. It certainly feels faster ; but without precise numbers, it is hard to tell to which extent your DPS is improved.
  • (You also have to take into consideration the fact that, sadly, in this game, this type of weapon is the one which suffers the most from hitbox issues : what good is it to swing faster, if your hits don't connect as they should?)

Where / How to acquire Reflex Melee Conductor

  • 1x can be found as early as the Observatory area, just next to the Observatory - Podium breach.
    • It is lying on the floor, right in front of the Weapon Editor, along with a Strength Melee Conductor.
    • Since the Observatory is comprised of several semi-circular floors, the breach and the Weapon Editor are both located on a straight platform, linked to the lowest floor : you really can't miss it.


  • 1x can be found in the Ikari Walkways area, just next to the Ikari Walkways - Crashed Tram breach, in the crashed tram.


  • 1x can be found in the Alma Mater Atrium area.
    • Starting from the Alma Mater Atrium - Otsego Mansion breach : face towards the only wide opening there is in the large room the breach is located in.
    • Head forward, until you reach that opening.
    • From there, turn right, and aim for the pile of crates you can see in the distance.
    • Once you have reached, and passed that pile of crates (now located to your left), you can more or less distinguish a wide passageway in the distance, right ahead of you, and slightly to the left.
    • This passageway leads to a doorway : enter ; turn right, and go up the first set of stairs.
    • 1x Reflex Melee Conductor is lying there, on the floor, just next to 1x Tool Victim.


Reflex Melee Conductor - Notes & Tips

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      The only chip melee fighters will ever need, put it on anything for faster swinging and lower stamina use. Will turn any iceberg weapon into a spam machine.

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