Material: Charged Prism

Type Material

Material: Charged Prism is a Material in Hellpoint. Material: Charged Prism is used for crafting Catalyst Conductor, Reflex Melee Conductor, Strength Melee Conductor and Light Shield ConductorMaterials can be used in the Universal Printer machine to process resources, Print Models, or dismantle ingredients for Crafting.

Materials can be found in various ways such as enemy or boss drops, scattered in various locations.


With the right equipment, this triangular crys' can output a massive amount of Light energy. Used for printing.

Material: Charged Prism Usage:

Where to find Material: Charged Prism:

  • 1x can be found at Alma Mater. From the Alma Mater Institute, head to the right corridor and go inside the room. Use the magnetic lift and avoid the traps. Jump through the hole on the ground to pick it up.
  • 1x can be found at the Observatory. Once you are on top level you can reach the closed gallery if you jump from the edge of the building. You will take substantial damage so a full health bar is recommended. On the gallery you can find: 1x Material: Charged Prism.
  • 1x can be obtained as a reward at Port Issoudun after participate on an event at the Vault Door Room. 
  • 1x can be fond at Arcology Underside. After completing the Hell Hour Time event near to Central Mall breach go inside the building using the stairs on the left, and you will find it there.
  • 1x can be found at Ikari Walkways. From Estate Square Breach, go outside and turn right, you will find the Ortega Tower door (its closed for now). Go to the broken bridge, and then head right, enter the alley. Continue ahead. Jump from the edge to reach the platform on the right. You will find it there.

Material: Charged Prism Notes and Tips:

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