Martial Melee Conductor

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Type Upgrade Chips

Martial Melee Conductor is an Upgrade Chip in Hellpoint. Upgrade Chips are a special type of item, that can bolster your weapons. The Upgrade Chips themselves can be upgraded with Axions at the Weapon Editor.

 Martial Melee Conductor - Information / Use

  • Ingame description : Equip it on a melee weapon at an Upgrade Station. Adds the Stealth ability based on Strength and Reflexes.
  • (Upgrade Station = Weapon Editor, located in the Observatory area, just next to the Observatory - Podium breach.)
  • (The second part of the ingame description of this Upgrade Chip has certainly left many people scratching their heads : it actually tries to blend in both the active (= Stealth), and the passive (= Strength and Reflexes) components this item provides in the same definition, hence the confusion.)


  • Whichever Melee Weapon you decide to equip with this Upgrade Chip, it seems to provide a flat increase of +40 to the original values of both the Strength Bonus, and the Reflex Bonus this weapon inherently possesses.


  • In addition to the passive increase to damage, which scales with the values of both your Strength Stat, and your Reflex Stat, the weapon equipped with the Martial Melee Conductor also gets a new active ability, going by the same name.
  • (This active ability replaces the Conductor Effect "ability", present by default on every Melee Weapon which is not equipped with an Upgrade Chip.)
  • Ingame description of the "Martial Melee Conductor" active ability : Temporarily reduces enemy perception. (= The "Stealth ability" mentioned in the ingame description : in theory, when this ability is active, it makes it harder for the mobs to detect you).
  • This ability costs 25 Energy Points to activate, and lasts about 1,5 minute : which is quite a generous duration, when you consider the fact that the active abilities of both the Strength Melee Conductor, and the Reflex Melee Conductor last around 20 seconds, for the same Energy cost.

Where / How to acquire Martial Melee Conductor


  • The Port Issoudun Credentials can be found in the Embassy area, in a secret room, located inside another secret room (I kid you not...).
  • This succession of secret rooms is located in the same relatively open, but complex area, where you can find the lift you have to take in order to get to the Archon Slaver boss room (In case of doubt, see the walkthrough).
  • There is an unnamed NPC, who uses the same model as the basic Victims (You can briefly talk to him, just for the sake of curiosity : he foolishly thinks he is safe behind bars).
  • When you face this NPC, hug the wall to your left. Once you pass the corner, you have to interact with the wall ; it will reveal a secret door. A magnetic lift will take you up.
  • After a questionable jump, now that you're up there, go straight ahead ; but instead of turning left, towards the Occult Conjuring Table, turn right, and once again, go interact with the wall you're facing. It will reveal another secret room, where you'll find what you're looking for.


  • With the Port Issoudun Credentials now in your possession, you can head to the Observatory area.
  • From the Observatory - Podium breach : face in the direction opposite to where the Weapon Editor, and the breach are located ; and go straight ahead.
  • You'll have to get down a short set of stairs, turn right, and then go straight ahead, until you can finally reach the door leading to Port Issoudun, and unlock it (Watch out, an important portion of the floor is missing ; you'll know that you're getting near when you'll start to notice some weird growths of flesh on the floor, and walls). 

Martial Melee Conductor - Notes & Tips

  • Regarding the "Martial Melee Conductor" active ability : after some testing, one has to wonder if this ability actually works properly. Apart from adding some pretty particle effects to the swings of your weapon, it really doesn't change much, or anything at all, to the distance at which the mobs react to your presence, be it via sight, or sound. And here I was hoping to be able to breakdance right under their noses...

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