Architect is an NPC in Hellpoint. Architect can be found at Sohn District. The Architect is trying to escape the station and will ask for your help in order to do so.


Architect Information:

  • The last remaining Architect. He is trying to escape the station and wants your help.
  • You will first find him at the Sohn District, next to the Breach located at the control room. You'll need to learn about the Mass A.I. or about the Dimension Merging to continue his quest line. You can learn about the AI at the Arisen Dominion. From the starting area, walk up the stairs and turn right. Explore the area and you'll find a computer with the required information. Once you have the information, come back and talk to him. Alternatively, you can gather information about Merging Dimensions after the Our Preying Hostess boss in Alma Mater Atrium.
  • Learn about the massive AI at Arisen Dominion: At the beginning area, start from the first breach toward the stairs, then look for an alley at your right. Go along the way until you find a T-shaped crossroad, turn right again. Go through a door and run up to find a bookcase. Then go back and talk to Architect.
  • Learn about the piercing of dimensions: From the Alma Mater Atrium - Athaneum breach, go up the stairs on the main hall. On the first level you can gather data and gain knowledge about the Piercing of Dimensions. Then go back and talk to Architect.
    Note: You have to do this before you beat one of three Cosmic God bosses (like Port Issoudun's boss). Otherwise the Architect will move to Observatory and you will miss getting items from him.
  • Once you tell him about the massive AI he will ask you how you feel. You can choose to attack him or help him. Regardless if you tell him about the A.I. or about the Dimensions, if you agree to help him, an escort mission will begin. Follow him to the Sohn District - Bowels where you'll fight multiple enemies. You can find 1x Material: Charged Prism and 1x Model: Light Shield Conductor. When you reach the end of the conduits he will ask you to let him rest for a bit. You can use this opportunity to explore the area. Once you are done, speak to him. Depending on your choices during the first conversation he reacts differently and either opens the door to the left by himself, or he gives you a choice for opening either the left or the right door. Both ways will finish the quest, but the way and loot is different. Also the left way opens a shortcut back to the alleys of Sohn District while the right door opens a shortcut back to Sohn District inside the area that requires the Ministry Credentials to enter. On the left path, after you reach the final room, you'll be able to pick up the complete Architect Set and 1x Heater Spear. At the end of either path he will tell you that you can meet him at the Observatory and leave.
  • NOTE: If you kill him he will drop the Bloodied Architect Set and a key to open the doors located at the Bowels. There you can find 1x Omnicube Defense System, 1x Inselium Rod and 1x Diamond Ingot.
  • You can now find the Architect at the Observatory, next to the Breach. Talk to him, and he will tell you that you need to restore the power to the Ateliers and craft Model: A.I. Patch Conductor.
    • Restore power to Ateliers: Head towards Port Issoudun. Head to the lowest level and you'll find a ramp. Head down and you'll find a big room with a computer. Interact with the computer and insert the code 72501. This will restore the power to the Ateliers
    • A.I. Patch Conductor: In order to craft the conductor you'll need:
      • 1x Material: Nervous Wiring: Can be found at Arcology Underside near the Aegis Armature Set. You'll need to explore the building located to the left. Go down using the platforms and you'll find it at the bottom.
      • 1x Material: Pulse Mineral: Can be found at Arisen Dominion. From the Mausoleum Hall, go down the stairs until it splits. Head down, turn left and defeat the enemies. Use the magnetic lift to keep going down. Walk through the platform until the road splits. Head left and pick it up. 
      • 1x Material: Alumina: Can be found at Alma Mater Atrium. After killing Consumer you can either go straight or go up using the stairs. Continue Straight. Go up using the elevator and defeat the enemies. Inside that room, you will find it. 
      • 1000x Inselium Particles: Can be acquired by processing the following materials at the Universal Printer: Raw InseliumInselium Rod or Inselium Ingot
  • Once you have everything ready talk to him again. Deliver him the A.I. Patch Conductor and tell him that you have already restored the power to the High Ateliers. He will tell you to meet him there. NOTE: A glitch can occur that causes him to remain in the Observatory instead of moving to the High Ateliers. This seems to happen if you speak to him again after he tells you to meet him at the High Ateliers. Therefore it is safest to head straight to the Ateliers after you have restored the power and given him the AI Patch Conductor. 
  • Head to the High Ateliers and before you'll find him on the left part of the last room, behind some bars. Speak to him before going in to complete his quest line.


Where to find Architect


Architect Notes and Tips

  • Notes & Tips



First meet at Sohn District   Who the hell are you? How did you get here?
Can you understand me? Tell me who you are!
Answer 1: A Spawn of the Author.   You're wearing the suit
So the machine has finally begun to fiddle with procreation, has it?
One more synthetic lie... I can't wait to get the hell out of here.
I was... I am... responsible for the commission of Irid Novo.
I've managed to locate Earth and Ellion, and we can make it out of here if I can fix the interface
You look like you can take of yourself.
What do you really know about what's going on?
Answer 2: I am the harbinger of free will   Right...
Well, don't let me keep you from your self-deterministic journey.
Just exercise your free will far away from me.
Talk (after Answer 2):  Sorry I disturbed you earlier. Uh-huh, sure.
You look like you can take of yourself.
What do you really know about what's going on?
Answer 3: I'm afraid my presence requires your death.   ???
    Note: The following dialogue changes depending on whether you found out about Merging Dimensions or Mass AI

Answer A: I know about our attempt to pierce through meta-dimesions.

  Attempt? We succeeded! We have built the most powerful Puncturer the world has ever known.
I don't care what you've heard, you'll never find any proof that the Puncturer is responsible for this ... "Merge" incident.
In any case, fixing it is the only way to warp out of here.
It's my only chance. I have to get back to my family.
Would you be willing to assist me?
Answer B: I know about the Mass A.I.  


Right. We were indeed experimenting with an Arisen Mass AI.
How do you feel about that?


B Sub-Answer: It's the Author, isn't it?

No, the Author is a simple user interface operating in the High Ateliers.
It's not very sophisticated... why they called it "the Author" is beyond me.
I have got to get out of here and come back to my family.

  Sub-Answer: I find the Author to be quite an amazing achievement.

Yeah, some people are still amazed by computers.
Some folks are just as easily impressed by their own minds.
I'd rather get away from all this.
I don't know if I can manage it alone.
But if it works out, we can warp away from this forsaken place.
Will you help me?

  Sub-Answer: You're being naive. ?
  Sub-Answer: You can call me the "containment method." (Attack) ?
B Sub-Answer: Isn't that rather frowned upon?


B Sub-Answer: It will take it's rightful place as God.


B Sub-Answer: ... ?
Answer C: Nothing that I'd able to explain yet  
I thought as much.
Well, come back if you learn anything. I can't help you right now.
    Note: After talking about AI or Dimensions and agreeing to help the dialogue continues.
Answer: Tell me about it first.   There's no time to explain. I'll give you more information about the plan later, you have my word.
For now, there's some gear I need to get hold of. This place is full of hidden areas, and my workshop is one of them.
Help me reach it, and you can keep whatever you can carry. Something tells me you're going to need it.
So that's what I have to do. Will you help me?
  Answer: Okay Great. I'm ready to go. Are you?
  Answer: Sure, let's go. Thank you for this.
  Answer: I can't right now. Well, don't bother coming back. I'll be going then.
I'm sorry. Goodbye.
Answer: I can't interfere.

  Well then, good luck to you. If you'll excuse me, I have business to attend to.
  Talk (after conversation ended): What can I do for you? So, have you reconsidered?
Okay then.
I don't know if I can manage it alone.
But if it works out, we can warp away from this forsaken place.
Will you help me?
  Answer: I can't interfere. As you wish.
I don't blame you for your cowardice. That's the path most people choose.
Then head for the Observatory. You'll be safe there.
    End of conversation

Talk (at a certain milestone during this Quest)


We've finally reached the conduits.
God, I hate this place. It's become completely overrun.
I don't feel so good about staying here.
The whispering voices are... much louder here.
Please...give me a minute to rest.
Yeah, we shouldn't stay here any longer than we need to.

// NOTE: Depending on your choices during the first talk you may get another reaction here and no choice for doors.

You've barely said a single word since we met. What's wrong with you?
If I give you the choice between this door and that one, could you even make a decision?

Talk: The door on the left   ??
Talk: The door on the right   Well, guess I finally got something out of you! Alright, let's move.
Talk: ...   ??
Talk (at the last milestone during the quest) we are.
Ugh! It smells terrible in here!
I can barely recognize my own workshop, though I'm not sure why...
Anyway, take whatever you need and leave. There's more than enough for the both of us.
There's so much left to do... well, this is our only chance. Meet me later at the Observatory, if you're still walking.
Do you even know where the Observatory is? It's the big theater with the giant aperture sitting atop the Arcology's funicular.
I hope you can pull it off. Well, good luck to you.
And...thank you.
    End of conversation
After moving to Observatory  
I knew I hadn't seen the last of you.
I come here to rest. It's quieter than the rest of the station.
I hope the equipment I set up here has proven useful.
NOTE: Depending on previous choices he has alternate dialog:
You again.
I would've thought they'd made you one of them by now.
Which means you must have made a lot of friends out there. Am I Wrong?
What are you still doing here?
You'll become of them soon. Go bother someone else.
You did good back there. Hope you found something useful in that junk we found.
Answer: You said you were going to tell me about your plan.  
That's right, I did.
We won't survive much longer if we stay here.
The air is getting thick, and there's no food...
I can repair the Interface and use it to puncture a breach based on the coordinates of Earth or Ellion, whichever answers first.
I can do it. At least in theory...
So then...
Ah... I've been stranded on this cursed station for years, traveling and repairing what I could. I've never had anyone to talk to until you appeared out of nowhere.
The Merge reduced Irid Novo to ruins, but for some reason it's left the two of us intact...
Well enough about that. Here's the deal: there are two things that need to be done if we're going to have any chance to make it out of here.
One: the power to the Ateliers needs to be restored. I've repaired the main energy lines, but one more power relay needs to be rebooted. It's located underneath Port Issoudun
Two: I need to repair the Authors Interface by building a patch conductor from parts scavenged from the station. Without it, the Puncturer can't be operated, which means we can't make any Breaches.
So that's that. I just sent you a list of components we need for the patch conductor, as well as the code that will grant you access to the power relay. Let's do this, and then we can really get this party started.
Answer: I'm completely lost. None of this makes any sense to me.   Ha! It speaks!
Evidently, you found yourself on Irid Novo.
This place has never been a paradise, but now it's really gone to hell.
I can't tell you exactly what happened, but to make a long story short, Irid Novo became a Swiss cheese of inter-dimensional Breaches and wormholes.
You've probably seen a few of them yourself.
We're no longer protected. All sorts of entities seem to have taken their slice of the pie.
I'm not a man of faith, but I can't help but pray.
Answer: Don't take it personally, but I have to kill you.   What did you just say?
> Answer: Sorry I'm not quite myself right now   Evidently. As if you even knew who you are.
> Answer: You heard me, Tin Man. Time to meet your maker.  

I'd like to see you try.

//Conversation ends

Answer: The Author did mention that he was sick.  
Yeah, that's probably how he would put it.
Considering the damage caused by the Merge, some kind of hardware malfunction isn't surprising.
The Author's strange behavior only seems to have increased over time. I mean, what gave him the idea to create you? No offense...
But enough about that. Here's the deal: I can build a patch conductor to fix whatever's wrong with the Author, and we need the Author to operate the Puncturer.
I need Alumina, Pulse Material, and Nervous Wiring to make the patch. It's pretty hard to come by, so if you find any, please let me know.
By then I'll have reestablished the administrative channel through which I can inoculate the Author.
So you got all that?
Answer: What are the Ateliers?  
The High Ateliers are where the real experiments were being conducted. All the other labs on Irid Novo pale in comparison.
I'm an Architect, and I've only been there twice. But I paid it no mind.
Now the Author has locked himself inside, and apparently he'll only open the way for you.
Yeah, I have my own little research project.
Be that as it may, this will be a unique opportunity. But as I said, I can't do anything while the place is on emergency power.
Underneath Port Issoudun, not far from the containment silos, is a special relay station that we can use to trick the station into acting like the state of emergency has been lifted.
If I divert power fast enough, the flow will be restored, and there will be no way to cut it again.
So, you got all that?
Answer: I'll let you know if I find anything.  
I wish you luck.
Answer: ...  
Oh, Lord... alright, listen - whatever you do, stay out of trouble, and don't trust anything you see.
Can you do that? Spawn of the Author... I swear, these machines just keep having the stupidest ideas.
When shooting around him:   What the hell?
Returning   Hey. What news do you have?
Answer: Remind me what needs to be done?  
Okay, I understand. This is a complicated task.
Is there something you need?
Answer: The power to the Ateliers has been restored.  
I saw that. Good job. I imagine it must have been quite a challenge.
The air feels charged with energy. Can you feel it?
We still need to cure the Interface with an AI patch.
Check the model I gave you for the necessary components.
Stay safe.
Answer: I have the AI patch.  
Alright, let me see...
Nice work. This should override the Interface protocol and allow us to warp out of here and get to Ellion.
The Author must have infused you with some pretty interesting skills.
We've got the patch and the power. We're all set to head to the Ateliers.
I'll meet you there, next to the Interface Sanctum.
Stay safe.
After moving to High Ateliers  
I... I've been lost... for longer than I can remember.
I was frozen, facing a shadow.
I was frozen...
Seeing you eyes gives me a sliver of hope.
There's no reason to wait any longer.
Answer: I'm ready.  
I'll inject the patch while the Interface is busy with you, it's protégé.
Just keep it busy long enough. I should be able to get the Puncturer operational within a few minutes.
Let's go.
Answer: I'm not ready yet.   ???




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      Wait... How do you do the first part before beating the Port boss...? When the key to get into Arisen if after beating the Port boss? Am I missing something? Did something in my game glitch that prevents me from getting in there prior?

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        Finished his whole quest and talked to him again while he was still in the hub room. This bugged out his quest and he did not appear behind the bars before the final boss.

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          If he gets himself killed during his escort quest, are you locked out of the Sentinel fight or is there an alternate way?

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              above union park, behind a platforming roof top section and behind a locked door, you can find his dead family. If you report your findings to him, he will become nihilistic and give up hope.

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                I was able to begin his escort quest after reading about merging realities (it's in a book in the Alma Mater Atrium behind where you fight the hostess boss - it said in the final prompt something like "You have gained knowledge about multiple realities")

                Instead of the AI mentioned in the article, you tell him you're aware of experiments to merge realities and he will retort that "We succeeded, though you won't find any evidence the puncturer was behind the merge" and asks you to help him so he can make his way back to his family.

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                  Any reason why you need to restore power to High Ateliers from Port terminal? Can't you just go directly to the embassy, where Author called you? Or will it break Architect's quest somehow?

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                    if you achive 150%+ data then npc's at arisen dominion will call you to talk, and ask you to bring A.I. Patch Conductor to them before you lead it to archtector so them can "fix" it, dont know how it changes endings cuz i already give it ti achitector :( perhaps it leads to ending №5

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                        I ve done the escort mission after beating the port issoudun boss, it might have been a bug, that they have now fixed maybe

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                          Had this quest glitch out. Followed the whole quest line and talked to him in the High Ateliers before the Interface. However before going in to fight the boss I left to finish up some stuff I had forgotten (finishing the eye code doors). When I returned to fight Interface, the game when straight to NG+ after the fight without the chance to fight Sentient. My guess is you can't leave and must fight Interface directly after talking to him in High Ateliers?

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