Material: Pulse Mineral

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Type Material

Material: Pulse Mineral is a Material in Hellpoint. Materials can be used in the Universal Printer machine to process resources, Print Models, or dismantle ingredients for Crafting.

Materials can be found in various ways such as enemy or boss drops, scattered in various locations.


With the right equipment, this crystal can generate low-level energy lasting millennia.

Used for printing.

Material: Pulse Mineral Information / Use

Where to find Material: Pulse Mineral

  • 1x can be found at Arisen Dominion. From the Mausoleum Hall, go down the stairs until it splits. Head down, turn left and defeat the enemies. Use the magnetic lift to keep going down. Walk through the platform until the road splits. Head left and pick it up. 
  • 1x can be found in the Alma Mater Atrium area.
    • Starting from the Alma Mater Atrium - Tenements breach : having the breach at your back, turn right, and go through the doorway.
    • A bit further, you'll see a series of staircases, going either up, or down ; don't go up, it's a dead end, and a waste of time, since there's absolutely nothing of interest.
    • Instead, go down the stairs, until you reach the opening of a new doorway, to your right.
    • Turn left, and go straight ahead. (The general impression that this area is a whole lot of nothing intensifies...)
    • Enter the doorway to your right ; and dispatch the 1x Preterhuman, and 1x Tool Victim present in the room.
    • WARNING. From there on, it's a point of no return ; so you have to be committed to explore this subsection to the very end, which is quite the trek.
    • Approach the only "window" of the room, and drop down below.
    • After another unfortunate couple of 1x Preterhuman, and 1x Tool Victim, you'll quickly come to the conclusion that there's only one way to go.
    • One running jump, and x1 Tool Victim later, you'll reach another lower platform.
    • Then, to the right, you'll recognize the start of one of the numerous and perilous platforming sections present in the game ; sections that, by this time, you have certainly come to appreciate...
    • If you stick the landing properly after the required running jump, you can grab 1x Scrapped Heater Shield.
    • Another running jump, and another nonsensical platform, but nothing to acquire here.
    • After a final running jump (for now...), you'll reach the starting point of a series of "appartments" / "condos", which span several floors.
    • Before entering, you can grab 1x Coin, lying on the floor.
    • Once inside, this is where you'll find 1x Material: Pulse Mineral, also lying on the floor.

Material: Pulse Mineral Notes and Tips

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