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Location Arcology - Celestial Workshop

Blacksmith is an NPC in Hellpoint.

Blacksmith - Information

  • This NPC is referred to as the Blacksmith ; although this term doesn't really fit the setting, since there are no hammer, anvil or forge in sight ; it is also a bit reductive, given the services he actually provides to the player (He plays the same role as Ludleth of Courland in Dark Souls 3).
  • He doesn't seem to have a clear conscience : the first time you meet him, his very first assumption is that you are here to kill him.
  • He is apparently in hiding, or on the run from a third party (the Ministry of the Union?).
  • By his own admission, his main interest is Theurgy, which is defined as : "the operation or effect of a supernatural or divine agency in human affairs".


Where to find the Blacksmith

  • This NPC can be found in the Arcology area, on the highest level of the Celestial Workshop ; this is the last subsection of the Arcology area you can get access to, and you can only access it by going through the Sohn District area first.
  • Starting from the Sohn District - Control Center breach : exit the Control Center through the automated door.
  • Past the threshold, take two steps forward, and just drop down onto the lower platform (Stairs are overrated).
  • From the point where you landed, head forward, and to the right, in the direction of the underground entrance surrounded by four "pillars of light".
  • Go down the stairs, and then forward, until you reach a crossroad ; take the path going to the left. (On the way, you'll pass next to the Tram leading to Port Issoudun.)
  • You'll have to follow this path for a while (On the way, you'll come across a bifurcation to the right, but it is a dead end with nothing of interest, so ignore it).
  • Soon, you'll arrive in an enclosed, but vast open space, with broken stairways, and a lot of potential deadly falls.
  • Take some momentum ; aim for the platform located at a much lower height, forward, and to the right ; and make a running jump. (You'll take some fall damage ; with a Health Stat of 16, roughly 1/3 of the Health bar.)
  • From the point where you landed, pass the doorway, and after a short passage, you'll emerge in a room with 2x Lava Daemons.
  • Get rid of them, and find the doorway that will let you exit this room.
  • Past the doorway, go straight ahead, and you'll arrive at a door leading to the Arcology area.
  • After a loading screen, you'll find yourself in a relatively long room ; go around the two large holes in the floor, and head toward the elevator shaft that you can already see in the distance.
  • Interact with the blue floating orb, and select the second floor as your destination (A message informing you that "The elevator is now online" will appear).
  • After a short ride, you now have two options : go in the direction that leads directly to a staircase (If you go in the opposite direction, you would find yourself in familiar territory : first, the device that lets you read Mind Vessels ; and a bit further, the Arcology - Customs Bridge breach).
  • Go up the stairs, and pass the automated door. You'll arrive in a large, but almost empty room ; in the middle of it, a flame is continuoulsy coming out of what must be a bursted gas line (I guess it's supposed to teach the player about this type of environmental hazards??)
  • You have ample space to go around, or jump over it ; so head toward the other automated door, that will let you exit this room.
  • You're now in a vast, open space ; if you take a few steps forward, and look below, you'll see a high concentration of unarmed Victims, surrounding an arrangement that seems to be of ritualistic nature ; 1x Lava Daemon is watching over them, at a distance.
  • Follow the only available path going down, and leading to the "courtyard" ; and let this fine assembly know, that it is truly regrettable that you haven't been invited to the party.
  • Once that the courtyard has been cleared, enter the building (the aforementioned "Celestial Workshop") ; pass the first doorway, and head toward the second doorway, right ahead of you.
  • Once you've passed the threshold, turn left, and go up the stairs, all the way to the top.
  • Pass this new doorway ; this is where you'll find the Blacksmith NPC, on the left side of the room.

Blacksmith - Notes & Tips

  • If you attack him, he won't defend himself. However, there isn't really any reason to do so, since he drops nothing.


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