Entropic Melee Conductor

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Type Upgrade Chips

Entropic Melee Conductor is an Upgrade Chip in HellpointUpgrade Chips are a special type of item, that can bolster your weapons. The Upgrade Chips themselves can be upgraded with Axions at the Weapon Editor.

Entropic Melee Conductor - Information / Use

  • Ingame description : Equip it on a melee weapon at an Upgrade Station. Adds Entropic damage based on Foresight.
  • (Upgrade Station = Weapon Editor, located in the Observatory area, just next to the Observatory - Podium breach.)

Where / How to acquire Entropic Melee Conductor

  • 1x can be found in the Arisen Dominion area.
    • Starting from the Arisen Dominion - Solar Promenade breach : when facing the breach, and having the door through which you came from the Embassy at your back : turn right, go forward, and then up the stairs.
    • Once you're up there, to your right, there is a stack of stylish..."crates" (?) ; go around them, on their left side, and you'll discover a semi-hidden passage.
    • Follow that passage, until you arrive at a crossroad, with a path going to the right, and a path going to the left.
    • Take the path going to the right, and you'll soon enter a room, with two distinct floors, and several futuristic "bookshelves".
    • Go up the stairs that you can see, right ahead of you.
    • On the "second floor", you'll find 1x Entropic Melee Conductor, sitting on a pedestal, to the right side.
    • If you go inspect the "book" sticking out of the "bookshelf", and lit with a slightly more pronounced red lighting, you'll gain + 0,33% Data ; and the message "You gained knowledge about Mass A.I." will appear (This is part of the Architect's questline).


Entropic Melee Conductor - Notes & Tips

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