Repecify Stat Points or Respec in Hellpoint is feature introduced in the Blue Sun DLC that allows you to reset your stats back to level 1 AND be refunded all Axions spent on leveling up.


 Respecify Stat Points

respec station location 1080px

How to Respecify Stat Points:

  1. Obtain 2500 Carbon Particles and 25 Material: Bones
  2. Go to the Embassy
  3. Return to the pool of water that you start the game in
  4. Look for the small computer that is located on the left side of the pool
  5. Interact with the computer and agree to respecify stat points
  6. You will be reset back to level 1 and be refunded all Axions that you previously spent on leveling up
  7. Go to any Breach in order to infuse (spend) your refunded Axions into different stats



  • Unsure if the player needs to actually own the Blue Sun DLC in order to access this feature or if it was retroactively added to the base-game when the DLC came out.

 You do not need the DLC to respec.

Possible Bug:

  • The respec computer mentions that you need an "Unused Mind Vessel" in order to respecify your stat points, despite this process being completable without having such an item. The only mandatory requirements are 2500 Carbon Particles and 25 Material: Bones. (Tested on Patch v495).

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