Omnicube Quantum Light

Type Omnicube Program

Omnicube Quantum Light is an Omnicube Programs in Hellpoint. Omnicube Quantum Light will reveal invisible platforms and marks across the world. 

Each  Omnicube Programs provide a different feature. Players can equip up to 3 Omnicube Programs in the quick slot bar, but only one can be active at a time.


An unusual program that shines a specific wavelength of anti-photon to force unphased matter to become visible to the naked eye. It became indispensable for interstellar travel once it was discovered that the universe is cluttered with unphased matter, previously known as dark matter.

Omnicube Quantum Light Usage:

  • Using the Quantum Light will reveal invisible platforms and marks across the world


Where to find Omnicube Quantum Light:

  • 1x can be found at Arisen Dominion. From Arisen Palace, take the Right Passage. Jump over to the other side and go back inside using the opening to your left. Defeat 2x Small Candle-Carrier Congregator and pick up  it.
  • Can be found on the second level of Athenaeum at Alma Mater Atrium.


Omnicube Quantum Light Notes and Tips:

  • Notes and tips goes here…
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    • Anonymous

      16 Aug 2020 17:54  

      in the beginning of the Ikari walkways, on the far end of the firs big "square" there is a two items on the other side of a gap. In order to get to them, you may youse this item and see a hidden platform.

      • Anonymous

        05 Aug 2020 18:56  

        I got it in Alma Mater place, but using it has not revealed anything particular, I thought that maybe it lets you easier see in Underworld, since with regular light it's too brightened up or too contrasting to effectively use. But I guess it reveals stuff, but I haven't see anything that it would reveal... mostly I use it as a cool UV light flashlight, lol.

        • Anonymous

          02 Aug 2020 06:34  

          there's an area in the arisen dominion where when you use this program, it shows symbols on the ground to guide you.

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