Small Arisen Congregator (Censer)

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Locations Arisen Dominion

Axions (444)

Refined Carbon

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Small Arisen Congregator (Censer) is a hostile Enemy in HellpointSmall Arisen Congregator (Censer) can be found at Arisen Dominion. Players can confront Enemies to obtain Axions, loot and to acquire experience to unlock Weapon Abilities. Please note that Small Arisen Congregator (Censer) is not the official name, and is listed as such for the community to discover and record each enemy type.

Small Arisen Congregator (Censer) Enemy Description

  • An Arisen Congregator, wielding a radiactive censer.

Small Arisen Congregator (Censer) Combat Information

  • They have moderate health and can deal high Radiation damage. They attack from range with a slow-moving Radiation sphere, or up close with their censor.
  • Their melee combos can quickly batter through a shield defense to land a killing blow. Even with a heavy shield, standing and fighting toe to toe is ill-advised.
  • Their nastiest attack is a series of crystalline wedges launched in quick, irregular succession. This is a ranged attack launched from melee range. It pierces walls, and most shield guards will break after only a couple hits. To win consistently, keep the fight at long range or get really good at reading their moves and dodging.

Small Arisen Congregator (Censer) Location

Small Arisen Congregator (Censer) Drops

  • Whenever you defeat a Small Arisen Congregator (Censer), it yields an amount of 1250 Axions (NG - Standard difficulty).
  • This value is increased to 1437 Axions during Black Hole Hour (NG - Standard difficulty).
  • Small Arisen Congregator (Censer) will also sometimes drop :

Small Arisen Congregator (Censer) Notes & Tips

  • Like all Arisen, they are very vulnerable to Induction damage. 
  • Its deadliest move, the wedge throw, is a ranged combo the AI treats like a melee attack. If you stay close, you'll have to dodge 6 (?) fast, powerful Radiation wedges thrown in rapid and irregular succession, in time to the candle's swing. If you pull far enough back, however, the Arisen will likely break off the attack after throwing the first three.
  • It fortunately does not use its wedge volley attack often. The Arisen will move forward aggressively (not as fast as moving for a kick, but fast) and swing the candle out wide and relatively slow at the start of the attack, which gives some warning. Even then, it's best to fight aggressively from the start and try to kill the Arisen before it uses its wedges, since defending against them is dicey even with practice. 



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    • Anonymous

      I took the liberty to modify the name of this enemy, from "Small Candle-Carrier Arisen Congregator", to "Small Arisen Congregator (Censer)" ; and this, for several reasons.

      Before anyone decides to revert the page to its former iteration, here's the reasoning behind this change : the original denomination is both awkward, and inaccurate.

      Anyone who has seen a candle, knows that the "weapon" used by this mob is no candle ; I've also seen it described as a lantern on the Arisen Congregators boss page, which is a bit better, but still inappropriate.

      From the shape of the object (a sphere, swinging at the end of a chain), to the way it is held, it is clearly a censer, also known as thurible ; it is a ritual instrument, used in various religions across the globe. I invite you to look it up, if you have any doubt on the matter.

      "Arisen Congregator (Censer)" was tempting, because, in game, these enemies are not "Small" by any definition of the term ; but I ultimately kept this adjective, to respect the naming convention used for the other bosses, who become regular mobs in later stages of the game.

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