Omnicube Light

Type Omnicube Program

Omnicube Light is an Omnicube Programs in Hellpoint. Omnicube Light brings light to the darkest of areas, It is very useful since illuminates an important area in front of the character. Ideal to move in the darkest places. 

Each  Omnicube Programs provide a different feature. Players can equip up to 3 Omnicube Programs in the quick slot bar, but only one can be active at a time.


A basic but imminently useful Omnicube function that brings light to the darkest of areas. Beware, for in the land of the blind, sight is heresy.

Omnicube Light Usage:

  • Brings light to the darkest of areas


Where to find Omnicube Light:

  • Can be found at Arcology. Midway up the stairs there is a Loot Cube with Omnicube Light


Omnicube Light Notes and Tips:

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