Omnicube Auto-Heal

Type Omnicube Program

Omnicube Auto-Heal is an Omnicube Programs in Hellpoint. Omnicube Auto-Heal Provides passive healing while active. It consumes energy. 

Each  Omnicube Programs provide a different feature. Players can equip up to 3 Omnicube Programs in the quick slot bar, but only one can be active at a time.


The instructions of this Omnicube program describe a slow, constant stream of nanocells capable of providing first aid in the field.

Omnicube Auto-Heal Usage:

  • Provides passive healing while active. It consumes energy


Where to find Omnicube Auto-Heal:

  • Can be found in Alma Mater, in a room near the second breach (Tenements Breach),  you will find it below a hanging corpse.

Omnicube Auto-Heal Notes and Tips:

  • Notes and tips goes here...
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    • Anonymous

      05 Aug 2020 19:00  

      I got a bug with this. I had it equipped, and some time later while playing I opened menu and then inventory, and everything glitched/buged on me, I couldn't exit menu or anything, so I had to Alt+F4 game. Restarted and the cube was gone, and I couldn't find it anywhere as well in places that I think it should be at. I am not sure where I found it exactly, but navigating through these mentioned locations I found nothing. Though, I am not sure if I checked the Sector 03 Offices, there is no map or anything, nor obvious indication marks that lets me understand where I could find that Sector 03 Offices, so I am not sure if I was there or not.

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