Anti-Rad Injection

 Type Healing Method

Anti-Rad Injection is a Healing Method in Hellpoint. Anti-Rad Injection is used to cure Radiation poisoning. Healing Methods can be equipped in their designated inventory slot and provide different effects.


A solution that quickly became a necessity for humans when interacting with Arisen corrosive fields.

Will cure Radiation poisoning.

Anti-Rad Injection Use and Effect

  • used to cure Radiation poisoning.


Where to find Anti-Rad Injection:


Anti-Rad Injection Notes and Tips:

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    • Anonymous

      16 Aug 2020 02:26  

      It does heal radiation buildup (and heals), yes, but, at least for me last time I used it it does NOT heal the radiation poisoning. Not at all. Likely a bug, but the lost max. HP stayed lost till I died/used a healing station. As long as it is bugged damn near useless, since inferior to regular heals otherwise.

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