Stamina Points

 Type General Stats

Stamina Points is a General Stat in Hellpoint. Stamina Points displays your current and Max Stamina Points. General Stats provide useful information on the current state of the player character.


Stamina Points Information:

  • Displays your current and Max Stamina Points.
  • When the player attacks, runs, jumps or dribbles, he will consume Stamina Points. Stamina Points those will be regenerated automatically over time when they are not used.


How to increase Stamina Points:

  • Stamina Points are determinate by your Stamina Attribute.
  • Each Point assigned to Stamina provides XXX amount of Stamina Points.



Notes and Tips:

  • If your Stamina gauge is empty, you cannot perform any actions.

  • Blocking an attack with no stamina points left will break your guard.



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