Model: Firearm Conductor

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Type Printing Model

Model: Firearm Conductor is a Printing Model in Hellpoint. Printing Models are used either at an Universal Printer, or at an Occult Conjuring Table, in order to craft Weapons, Shields, Armors, and Upgrade Chips.

Model: Firearm Conductor - Information / Use

Model: Firearm Conductor - Locations

  • x1 can be found in the Alma Mater Atrium area, just before, or right after the Consumer boss fight, depending on where you went first, either Ikari Walkways, or Sohn District.
    • (These instructions assume that you haven't opened the shortcut yet, that would allow a much shorter route between the Alma Mater Atrium - Otsego Mansion breach, and the Alma Mater Atrium "plaza", where you're currently headed.)
    • So, starting from the Alma Mater Atrium - Union Park breach : exit the room containing the breach.
    • Turn left, and go back to the Consumer boss room. (These instructions also assume that you have already defeated this boss.)
    • Taking the very middle of the boss room as a landmark : when facing the only wide open side of this circular room, head in a diagonal, forward, and to the right, until you reach the wall.
    • Hug the wall (located on your right side), and continue to go forward until you reach a corner.
    • Turn right : there's a wide staircase. Climb these stairs.
    • WARNING. When you approach the upper end of the staircase, you'll get ambushed by 2x Preterhumans, coming from either side.
    • Once you got rid of them, given that you have the staircase at your back, go hug the wall to the left.
    • WARNING. From there on, you enter the firing range of 2x Small Artillery, located on two separate platforms, that are pretty much out of reach. When you combine both of their arcs of fire, these two ranged enemies cover almost the whole area, making the exploration excruciatingly tedious, if you wish to grab the different items scattered all around.
    • Two solutions : either you sprint from cover to cover, grab everything, get out of there, and never look back (So, basically, the same course of action you would take with the triple ballista of the Smouldering Lake area in Dark Souls 3...).
    • Or, you can get on the roof of the "building", opposite to them, and snipe them by aiming the Light Shell active ability of the Railgun manually. The limiting factor is then your damage output and, by extension, your reserve of Energy Points. So perhaps it is best to leave some enemies alive in the vicinity, in order to go replenish your Energy, as you will most certainly need to.
    • From there on, these instructions assume that you've chosen a way to deal with this nuisance, which won't be mentioned again. From the corner of the "building", and the patch of luminescent mushrooms, aim for the opening in the "fence" that you can see right ahead of you.
    • Once you've reached this point, turn left ; climb the nearest short, but wide set of stairs ; and enter the "building".
    • Turn right, and go straight ahead ; you'll pass another doorway to your right, and then you'll reach a corner.
    • Once you pass this corner, you'll notice the lowest portion of a long mag-lift, that you couldn't see before : go up.
    • Now that you're on the "roof" of this "building", you can already see the glow of the item you're looking for.
    • Turn left, and go straight ahead, until you reach 1x Model: Firearm Conductor, lying on the floor, in a corner, next to the upper part of another mag-lift.


  • x1 can  be found in the Alma Mater Atrium area.
    • Starting from the Alma Mater Atrium - Shanty Entrance breach : when facing the breach, and having the only pillar present in this room at your back, turn left.
    • There's an opening in the wall, leading to a narrow passageway : go down the stairs.
    • From this point, you're not really spoiled for options when it comes to the possible paths you could take : so just go straight ahead.
    • You'll come across a small room, that barely offsets the feeling of claustrophobia you'll get from this whole subsection ; go down a short set of stairs, and continue straight ahead.
    • From this point on, you'll encounter a high concentration of Small Archons, plus a few Red Vipers, thrown into the mix for the sake of diversity.
    • (On the way, you'll see a door to the right, that you can open by interacting with a switch ; you'll come face to face with 1x Small Archon, the only occupant of an otherwise perfectly empty room.)
    • WARNING. A bit further, you can go down a short set of stairs, and enter another small room ; x2 Small Archons are waiting for you, one on each side of the room, out of sight.
    • Once you've dealt with them, go up another short set of stairs, and pass the doorway.
    • At this point, you're at a first crossroad ; take the path leading to the right, and just follow it until you come across a second crossroad.
    • 1x Model: Firearm Conductor is lying there on the floor, in the middle of the crossroad.

Model: Firearm Conductor - Notes & Tips

  • ?


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