Preterhuman Set

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Type Armor Set
strength attribute icon hellpoint wiki guide 64px reflex attribute icon hellpoint wiki guide 64px cognition attribute icon hellpoint wiki guide 64px foresight attribute icon hellpoint wiki guide 64px
00 05 07 00
00 00 00 00
tenacity stat icon hellpoint wiki guide 30px 19 weight stat icon hellpoint wiki guide 64px 27
physical icon hellpoint wiki guide 64px 30% induction icon hellpoint wiki guide 64px 26%
energy icon hellpoint wiki guide 64px 12% entropy icon hellpoint wiki guide 64px 26%
nihl icon hellpoint wiki guide 64px 65% radiation icon hellpoint wiki guide 64px 30%

Preterhuman Set is an Armor Set in Hellpoint. Armor Sets provide Defensive Stats against attacks from Enemies and Bosses, or against environmental hazards. The attributes and stats of Armor Sets depend on each individual piece. Wearing all the pieces of a Set doesn't grant any additional effects.

Preterhuman Set - Parts

Where / How to acquire the Preterhuman Set

  • x1 can be found in the Alma Mater Atrium area (Athenaeum subsection).
    • Starting from the Alma Mater Atrium - Athenaeum breach : when having the breach at your back, go straight forward.
    • You'll arrive in the arena / boss room, where your defeated Our Preying Hostess ; go to the very middle of this room, turn right, and then go forward.
    • In front of you, there are now two staircases, both going up : one to the right, and one to the left. Take the right one.
    • You'll reach the second floor ; the items you're looking for are located on the third floor, so continue to climb the stairs : turn left ; up ; turn right ; turn right ; up ; and turn left.
    • Now that you've arrived at the third floor, using the right staircase : turn right, and hug the wall to your right.
    • Pass two corners, climb a short set of stairs, and go straight ahead, until you reach an automated door to your right.
    • The room you've just entered seems to be some sort of workshop ; and a very convenient one, at that, since you can find, in the same location : a Medical Station ; an Universal Printer ; and an Occult Conjuring Table.
    • The whole Preterhuman Armor Set is lying there, on the floor, just in front of the Occult Conjuring Table.


  • 1x can be found in the Arcology area, in the Celestial Workshops ; this is the last subsection of the Arcology area you can get access to, and you can only access it by going through the Sohn District area first.
    • Starting from the Sohn District - Control Center breach : exit the Control Center through the automated door.
    • Past the threshold, take two steps forward, and just drop down onto the lower platform (Stairs are overrated).
    • From the point where you landed, head forward, and to the right, in the direction of the underground entrance surrounded by four "pillars of light".
    • Go down the stairs, and then forward, until you reach a crossroad ; take the path going to the left. (On the way, you'll pass next to the Tram leading to Port Issoudun.)
    • You'll have to follow this path for a while (On the way, you'll come across a bifurcation to the right, but it is a dead end with nothing of interest, so ignore it).
    • Soon, you'll arrive in an enclosed, but vast open space, with broken stairways, and a lot of potential deadly falls.
    • Take some momentum ; aim for the platform located at a much lower height, forward, and to the right ; and make a running jump.(You'll take some fall damage ; with a Health Stat of 16, roughly 1/3 of the Health bar.)
    • From the point where you landed, pass the doorway, and after a short passage, you'll emerge in a room with 2x Lava Daemons.
    • Get rid of them, and find the doorway that will let you exit this room.
    • Past the doorway, go straight ahead, and you'll arrive at a door leading to the Arcology area.
    • After a loading screen, you'll find yourself in a relatively long room ; go around the two large holes in the floor, and head toward the elevator shaft that you can already see in the distance.
    • Interact with the blue floating orb, and select the second floor as your destination (A message informing you that "The elevator is now online" will appear).
    • After a short ride, you now have two options : go in the direction that leads directly to a staircase (If you go in the opposite direction, you would find yourself in familiar territory : first, the device that lets you read Mind Vessels ; and a bit further, the Arcology - Customs Bridge breach).
    • Go up the stairs, and pass the automated door. You'll arrive in a large, but almost empty room ; in the middle of it, a flame is continuoulsy coming out of what must be a bursted gas line (I guess it's supposed to teach the player about this type of environmental hazards??)
    • You have ample space to go around, or jump over it ; so head toward the other automated door, that will let you exit this room.
    • You're now in a vast, open space ; if you take a few steps forward, and look below, you'll see a high concentration of unarmed Victims, surrounding an arrangement that seems to be of ritualistic nature ; 1x Lava Daemon is watching over them, at a distance.
    • Follow the only available path going down, and leading to the "courtyard" ; and let this fine assembly know, that it is truly regrettable that you haven't been invited to the party.
    • Once that the courtyard has been cleared, go inside the building (the aforementioned "Celestial Workshops") ; take a few steps forward, and turn left.
    • After having dispatched the 1x Lava Daemon standing between you and the prize, you can pick up 1x complete Preterhuman Set, lying on the floor.

Preterhuman Set - Notes and Tips

  • ?

Preterhuman Set - Gallery

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