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Type Material

Material: Accelerator is a Material in Hellpoint. Materials can be used in the Universal Printer machine to process resources, Print Models, or dismantle ingredients for Crafting.

Materials can be found in various ways such as enemy or boss drops, scattered in various locations.


This kind of primitive particle reactor has long been out of use due to its toxic byproducts. Used for printing.

Material: Accelerator - Information / Use

Where / How to acquire Material: Accelerator

  • 1x can be found in the Arcology area, not far from the Arcology - West Square breach. 
    • (To gain access to this part of the level, you first have to use 1x Arcology Limited Access Passport at the terminal located just next to the Arcology - Customs Bridge breach.)
    • Starting from the Arcology - West Square breach : when having the breach at your back, take a few steps forward, and make a running jump while aiming at the nearby mag-lift.
    • Grab it in mid air, and go all the way up ; then, make a lateral jump to the left, in order to get over the grate (To prevent any...frustrating mishap, make sure that your character is actively leaning in the direction in which you want to go, before jumping).
    • Once you've landed safely, take a few steps forward, and go up the stairs.
    • From this point on : turn right ; forward ; turn left ; forward.
    • At the second "crossroad" : turn right ; a few steps forward ; climb the short set of stairs ; turn left ; and climb a second, longer set of stairs.
    • You're now in a vast, open area, where you'll encounter a high concentration of Victims, among many crates and containers, blocking the lines of sight.
    • From here, head in a diagonal, forward, and to the left, in the direction of a wide, but currently closed "passageway", that you can already see in the distance.
    • In the middle, and at the bottom of the reinforced metallic curtain closing the passageway, you'll find 1x Material: Accelerator.


  • 1x can be found in the Sohn District area.
    • Starting from the Sohn District - Balcony breach ; when facing the breach, and having the door you previously had to open in order to access it at your back : take two steps forward, and drop down on the "platform" below.
    • From there, just go straight ahead, until you arrive at a staircase, going down.
    • (Watch out : on the way, don't fall into the large hole, where a good portion of the floor is missing. It is not a fatal fall, but you would find yourself surrounded by enemies.)
    • Once you've reached the staircase, go down, and continue in that direction ; soon enough, you'll arrive in the large open space where you fought the Arisen Congregators.
    • As you emerge from the passageway leading into that space, head forward, and slightly to the right, in the direction of the closest staircase.
    • Go up the stairs : this is another large open space, centered around a wide rectangular hole, right ahead of you.
    • From there, go take a look at the wall located to the left side of this hole.
    • Upon closer examination, you'll discover a mag-lift, going up, and very well hidden from view.
    • Once you're up there, turn left, and take a few steps forward ; then, turn left again, and cross the bridge.
    • At the end of the bridge, turn left ; from this point on, there is only one possible path to progress further ; so follow that path, until the only option left is to drop down in a room with many radioactive jars.
    • You won't take any damage from the fall ; but in your back, 3x Tool Victims are waiting for you. (Well, they don't exactly have lightning fast reflexes, so you should be fine.)
    • Pass the automated door, which is the only way to exit this room ; then, turn left, and go forward.
    • You'll arrive in another room : take a few steps forward, turn left, and pass a second automated door.
    • Go straight ahead, and pass the third automated door in a row ; then, head forward, and to the right, and go grab 1x Material Accelerator, lying there on the floor, in a corner.


  • 1x can be found in the Alma Mater Atrium area (Union Park subsection).
    • (These instructions assume that, instead of going to Sohn District with the first Arcology Limited Access Passport, you went to Ikari Walkways first. All in all, this doesn't change much, apart from the route you'll have to take in order to reach what you're aiming for.)
    • (If you went to Sohn District first, and then to the Arisen Dominion area, things are much easier, since the item will be lying there on the floor, as soon as you exit the tram.)
    • Starting from the Alma Mater Atrium - Union Park breach: exit the room containing the breach.
    • Turn right, and go right ahead ; pass the corner of the building, and then aim for the entrance to the Union Park, that you can see in the distance, right ahead.
    • WARNING. As you progress further into the Park, you'll enter the firing range of 2x Small Artillery. They are equally annoying as the two that can be found at the Alma Mater Atrium "plaza", but they are (relatively) easier to reach.
    • Your first order of business should be to get rid of them, making the exploration of the whole Union Park subsection all the more pleasant. It means that you'll have to backtrack a bit, in order to make sure you haven't missed anything, but that is a small price to pay.
    • If you prefer to run around like a headless chicken, preferably from cover to cover, hoping not to get hit by the humongous "cannonballs" being shot at you every few seconds (and benefitting from a generous tracking...), feel free to ignore this recommendation.
    • Once you've reached the entrance, turn right, and aim for the tall, triangular structure that you can see in the distance.
    • Just next to the right side of this structure, there is a huge pile of rocks. If you start at the lowest end of this pile of rocks, you can actually climb it, and reach an opening in the fenced wall above.
    • Once you're up there, there's only one possible path : pass the strange sculpture in the middle of this small plaza, go up the stairs, and through the wide passageway.
    • Now that you've entered the building, turn right ; forward ; turn left ; forward ; turn left : and finally, 1x Material: Accelerator is lying there on the floor, in a corner, relatively out of sight.


  • 1x can be found in the Arisen Dominion area.
    • (The great elevator would provide a shorter route to get to the item you're currently aiming for, but the following instructions assume that you haven't activated it yet.)
    • Starting from the Arisen Dominion - Grand Gallery breach : when facing both the breach, and the nearby square hole, go around the hole, on whichever side you prefer.
    • From there, just follow the passageway (with two series of three benches on each side), and head in the direction of the great doorway that you can see in the distance.
    • Once you've passed this doorway, you'll see a much smaller doorway, with light blue lighting, forward, and to the left.
    • Past the threshold of this second doorway, there's only one possible path for quite a while, until you reach a crossroad : on your left, there's a great door, with a blue "doorknob" just next to it ; and right ahead, you'll arrive in what must be the "Sun Worship Chamber", mentioned in the description of the Sun Hall Access (If a giant, blue, luminous sphere floating in the middle of a vast open space isn't a Sun Worship Chamber, I don't know what is...)
    • For now, interact with the blue doorknob, to "open" the great door (I don't know if this is the place where the Sun Hall Access comes into play, since no message along the lines of "Used Sun Hall Access" appears when you open this door.)
    • Take a few steps forward, and marvel at the sight of a spiral staircase of epic proportions.
    • Once you're finally all the way down, head toward the only possible exit.
    • Take a few steps forward : yes, you've just entered the Mines of Moria ; only with more "waterfalls" of blueish radioactive goo.
    • Turn left, hug the wall to your left, and just go straight ahead, until you reach a stack of "crates".
    • From this point, turn right, and head in the direction of the staircase that you can already see in the distance, past two radioactive jars.
    • Go up the stairs ; once you're up there, stay on course, and go straight ahead, until you reach another staircase.
    • Go down the stairs, and continue forward until you pass, first, the corner of the wall ; and then, the pile of rubble to your right.
    • Go around the pile of rubble, and climb the few stairs you'll come across ; then, head forward, and to the right, in the direction of the two portions of the floor that are broken, but close enough, so that you can jump over the gap.
    • After the jump, there's only one possible way to progress further : you'll find 1x Material: Accelerator, lying on the floor, at the very end of this "platform".


  • x1 can be acquired in the Port Issoudun area, specifically during Hell Hour / the Accretion Storms.
    • Starting from the Port Issoudun - Silos breach : go down the mag-lift located just next to the breach.
    • Turn around ; take a few steps forward, and turn left.
    • Pass the doorway, and head toward the opening present in the opposite wall, forward, and to the right.
    • Take some momentum, and jump down, while aiming at the upper "platform".
    • Having your back at where you came from, you now have three options : to the left ; forward ; and to the right. Head to the right.
    • From there, you can already partially see the space delimited by orange glowing walls, signalling the presence of an Horde Event.
    • (Go down the stairs ; cross the bridge, and interact with the orange glowing wall to enter the Horde Event.)
    • This Event consists of several waves of enemies, appearing in what you will quickly come to consider as a very small space, considering the numbers that are thrown at you. There are mostly Melee Thespians, and a few Vicious Hands. To spice things up / make things worse, there is a relativeley wide, pentagonal hole in the middle of the room : and if the lock on feature decides to play some nasty trick on you, by changing target at the last second, you can be sent flying to your death. It seems fair to say that this Event is quite a spike in difficulty, compared to the other Horde Events, which pit you against Victims, and 1x Lava Daemon.
    • Once you have defeated all the enemies, you have beaten the Horde Event, which can't be repeated. A pentagonal platform then rises ; on it, you'll find 1x Alarm ; 1x Daring Effigy ; 1x Fearful Effigy ; 1x Material: Charged Prism ; and 1x Material: Accelerator.

Material: Accelerator - Notes & Tips

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