Branch of Light

 Type Consumables

Branch of Light are a Consumable Item in Hellpoint. Branch of Light can be consumed to acquire 50.000 Axions, or used in a secret area. Consumables are a special type of items in Hellpoint that can affect the player character and the word inside the game.



From the original tree, one can choose another branch and set their own destiny.

Use it at a breach for your own benefit, or...



Branch of Light Use and Effect

  • Can be consumed to acquire 50.000 Axions
  • Can be used to bring peace to bodies in secret area of Alma Mater Atrium - Tenements. After dropping down a number of levels, it's activated via a green handprint behind a door locked by a code.



Where to find Branch of Light:



Branch of Light Notes and Tips:

  • The dialogue will hint that 'maybe things will be better in another world' which is a cue that next time you die (and canonically enter a parallel universe) the bodies will be gone, as their plan (which is laid out in a note nearby) presumably succeeded in this universe.



A.I. Patch Conductor  ♦  Axions  ♦  Axions (11)  ♦  Axions (111)  ♦  Axions (1111)  ♦  Axions (11111)  ♦  Axions (22)  ♦  Axions (2222)  ♦  Axions (3333)  ♦  Axions (444)  ♦  Axions (4444)  ♦  Axions (555)  ♦  Axions (5555)  ♦  Axions (6666)  ♦  Axions (777)  ♦  Axions (7777)  ♦  Axions (888)  ♦  Axions (999)  ♦  Axions (9999)  ♦  Breach Synchronizer  ♦  Coin  ♦  Daring Effigy  ♦  Fearful Effigy  ♦  Fragment of a Daemon  ♦  Fragment of a Thespian  ♦  Fragment of an Archon  ♦  Healing Proficiency  ♦  Heir of Chaos  ♦  Ration

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