Sanity Puppet

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Type Mind Module 
Effect  Reduces vulnerability to Nihl forces

Sanity Puppet is an Accessory in Hellpoint. Mind Modules can be equipped in their designated inventory slot, and provide different effects.


Reduces vulnerability to Nihl forces. Somehow, gazing at this grotesque little figure brings a faint feeling of serenity.

Sanity Puppet - Information / Use

Sanity Puppet - Locations

  • 1x can be found in the Alma Mater Atrium area (Union Park subsection).
    • (These instructions assume that, instead of going to Sohn District with the first Arcology Limited Access Passport, you went to Ikari Walkways first. All in all, this doesn't change much, apart from the route you'll have to take in order to reach what you're aiming for.)
    • Starting from the Alma Mater Atrium - Union Park breach: exit the room containing the breach.
    • Turn right, and go right ahead ; pass the corner of the building, and then aim for the entrance to the Union Park, that you can see in the distance, right ahead.
    • WARNING. As you progress further into the Park, you'll enter the firing range of 2x Small Artillery. They are equally annoying as the two that can be found at the Alma Mater Atrium "plaza", but they are (relatively) easier to reach.
    • Your first order of business should be to get rid of them, making the exploration of the whole Union Park subsection all the more pleasant. It means that you'll have to backtrack a bit, in order to make sure you haven't missed anything, but that is a small price to pay.
    • If you prefer to run around like a headless chicken, preferably from cover to cover, hoping not to get hit by the humongous "cannonballs" being shot at you every few seconds (and benefitting from a generous tracking...), feel free to ignore this recommendation.
    • Once you've reached the entrance of the park, go straight ahead, until you reach a bridge.
    • Cross the bridge ; from there, stay on the same course, full steam ahead, until the first fake tree you'll come across.
    • Then, head in a diagonal, forward, and to the left ; you'll reach the imposing carcass of an animal (?) of some sort.
    • From this point, take the staircase that goes up, located to your left.
    • Once you're up there, turn right, and head toward the succession of two new staircases, going up.
    • After having climbed all these stairs, turn right, and then go straight ahead, toward the strange "statue" that is illuminated in the distance.
    • Once you've passed this statue, you'll notice a short set of stairs : go down.
    • You're now in some sort of relatively superficial "trench" : follow it to the end ; and after having dispatched 2x Radioactive Vipers, you can finally grab 1x Sanity Puppet, lying on the floor.


  • 1x can be found in the Port Issoudun area. 
    • Go through the tunnels, and then go down using the magnetic lift. When you enter the small room the floor will go down and you will be ambushed. Once you defeat all enemies go through the gap on the wall and you will find it.

Sanity Puppet - Notes / Tips

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