Prodigal Spawn Set

Type Armor Set Class Light
strength Reflex Cognition Foresight
00 00 00 15
00 00 00 00
Tenacity (Armor) 8 Weight 9
Physical (Defensive) 32% Induction (Defensive) 57%
Energy (Defensive) 17% Entropy (Defensive) 43%
Nihl (Defensive) 51% Radiation (Defensive) 27%

Prodigal Spawn Set is an Armor Set in Hellpoint. Prodigal Spawn Set is categorized as Light Armor and provide Defensive Stats against attacks from Enemies and Bosses or from environmental damage. Armor Sets attributes and stats depend on each individual piece. Wearing all Set pieces won't grant any additional effects.


Prodigal Spawn Set Parts


Where to find Prodigal Spawn Set

  • The model for this set is in Alma Mater Atrium - Union Park. Use the quantum light near the Artillery enemy closest to Our Preying Hostess, and follow the path to the tallest tree. You'll find it on top.

Prodigal Spawn Set Notes and Tips

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Prodigal Spawn Set Gallery

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    • Anonymous

      06 Aug 2020 17:09  

      The set is not in Alma mater, nor in the Underworld. It's in Alma mater Atrium, Union Park.
      Use the quantum light near the Artillery enemy closest to the Hostess, and follow the path to the set.

      • Anonymous

        06 Aug 2020 07:19  

        In the walk-through of Alma Mater Underworld section it says that you can find the blue prints of this set in the conducts located on the false floor where you get the INB Vault key and underworld sentinel set.

        But, the game is bugged and you cannot fall down into the conducts under the false floor in the underworld version of the area, because the wall is placed on top of the opening where you have to drop down to get this set. So you CANNOT get it right now until it is fixed.

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