Small Archon

small archon enemy hellpoint wiki guide 300px
Locations Alma Mater Atrium
Alma Mater
Underworld Locations
Drops ???
physical icon hellpoint wiki guide 64px 50% induction icon hellpoint wiki guide 64px 50%
energy icon hellpoint wiki guide 64px 0% entropy icon hellpoint wiki guide 64px 50%
nihl icon hellpoint wiki guide 64px 50% radiation icon hellpoint wiki guide 64px 25%

Small Archon is a hostile Enemy in HellpointSmall Archon can be found at Alma Mater Atrium, Arcology and Alma Mater. Players can confront Enemies to obtain Axions, loot and to acquire experience to unlock Weapon Abilities. Please note that Small Archon is not the official name and is listed as such for the community to discover and record each enemy type.


Small Archon Enemy Description

  • A spectral archon that escaped the underworld


Small Archon Combat Information

  • They have very low health but are usually encountered in high numbers.
  • They take double damage from Light relative to other elemental damage types.


Small Archon Location


Small Archon Drops

  • ???


Small Archon Notes & Tips

  • Its charge attack has long range, superb tracking, repeated strikes, and distressingly high damage, especially if it hits repeatedly. It's vulnerable to blocking with a shield. It will often use this move to attack from ambush. Paranoia is therefore a necessity if you know these are around; do not expect to survive if caught off-guard. 
  • Resists Induction damage, but very vulnerable to Energy (aka Light) attacks. Funnily, seems to take more damage from Entropy than from Induction. 
  • Like many of the low to mid-level enemies, the Small Archon will receive upgrades for each cosmic god slain, a process that gradually changes both its stats and appearance (though behavior remains identical). Do not assume that early-game techniques such as stunlock will continue to work. 



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