Model: Restored Heat Shield

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Type Printing Model

Model: Restored Heat Shield is a Printing Model in Hellpoint. Printing Models are used either at an Universal Printer, or at an Occult Conjuring Table, in order to craft Weapons, Shields, Armors, and Upgrade Chips.

Model: Restored Heat Shield - Information / Use

Model: Restored Heat Shield - Locations

  • 1x can be found in the Ikari Walkways area.
    • It is located roughly between the Ikari Walkways - East Square breach, and the Ikari Walkways - Crashed Tram breach.
    • You have to activate a switch, in order to open the door to the room it is located in (Regenerative Nanobots can be found in this same room).
    • It is the only room that you can find on the most direct path between the two aforementioned breaches (not counting Ortega Tower), so you can't really miss it.


  • 1x can be found in the Alma Mater Atrium area.
    • After having defeated the Artillery boss in the Ikari Walkways area, there are two possible ways to get to the Alma Mater Atrium area, which are very close from one another : we'll call them "the lower path", and "the upper path".
    • 1. The lower path is a bit more convoluted to find ; it allows you to activate the Ikari Walkways - Underail breach ; and then, one loading screen later, the Alma Mater Atrium - Cabaret Cellar breach.
    • There are no items to find in the Alma Mater Atrium subsection you can access exclusively by taking this path ; but you have the possibility to backtrack to the Ikari Walkways area you came from.
    • 2. The upper path is pretty straightforward, but you can't activate any of the closest breaches, be it on the Ikari Walkways side, or on the Alma Mater Atrium side.
    • WARNING. There are three items to find in the Alma Mater Atrium subsection you can access exclusively by taking this path ; but there is no way to backtrack to the Ikari Walkways area (unless you use the Omnicube Transposition).
    • To find Model: Restored Heat Shield, we'll need to take the upper path.
    • With the Artillery boss room as your starting point : go up the only staircase you can see to the side of this very room.
    • From there, there's only one path allowing you to progress forward (Turn right ; right ahead ; turn right ; right ahead ; turn left ; up a short set of stairs ; right ahead ; turn left).
    • You'll arrive in a new room, with another staircase right in front of you.
    • Don't go up the stairs ; instead, go interact with the wall right ahead of you, and slightly to your left.
    • This will reveal a secret door ; enter this newlyfound room, turn right, and go up the mag-lift.
    • Once you're up there, go straight ahead, and drop down.
    • From the point where you landed, turn right, and go right ahead, until you reach a "doorway".
    • Now, you've got to follow a series of staircases : up ; turn right ; up ; turn left ; turn left ; up.
    • Once you've passed the stairs, there's only one possible path to follow : forward ; left ; forward ; right ; and forward, until you reach the upper part of a mag-lift.
    • WARNING. This is where you'll transition to the Alma Mater Atrium area ; and, as stated before, it is a point of no-return (unless you use the Omnicube Transposition).
    • Right in the room in which you arrive, you'll find : firstly, 1x Refined Carbon ; secondly, 1x  Model: Restored Heat Shield ; and thirdly, 1x Sun Hall Access.

Model: Restored Heat Shield - Notes / Tips

  • ?


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