Axions (11111)

 Type Consumables

Axions (11111) are a Consumable Item in Hellpoint. Axions (11111) are used to increase your level by improving your stats. Consumables are a special type of items in Hellpoint that can affect the player character and the word inside the game.


Are unstable elementary particles that can be converted into virtually any other elementary particle. They were the fundamental particles in primordial times, but now only a singularity is capable of producing them.

Axions (11111) Use and Effect

  • Are used to increase your level by improving your stats.

Where to find Axions (11111):

  • 1x can be found on the third level of the Cabaret area at Alma Mater Atrium. When you pass through the door you will see a big hole in the middle of the room. Make your way down using the platforms. When you reach the bottom use the magnetic lift to go down. Here you will find it.
  • 1x can be found at High Ateliers. Once you reach 100% data you'll be able to access the High Ateliers from the Embassy. Interact with the computer and the elevator will go up. Explore the room and you will find it. 


Axions (11111) Notes and Tips:

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