Model: Officer Tule's Glaive

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Type Printing Model

Model: Officer Tule's Glaive is a Printing Model in Hellpoint. Printing Models are used either at an Universal Printer, or at an Occult Conjuring Table, in order to craft Weapons, Shields, Armors, and Upgrade Chips.

Model: Officer Tule's Glaive Use

  • It can be used at an Universal Printer, in order to craft an Officer Tulle's Glaive (You can only get this specific Melee Weapon via crafting ; it can't be found throughout the various levels of the game, or looted from defeated enemies).
  • It is important to precise that the crafting has to be performed specifically at an Universal Printer. If you try to do it at an Occult Conjuring Table, Model: Officer's Glaive won't show up in the list of the different Printing Models available to you.
  • Required Materials:

Where to find Model: Officer Tule's Glaive

  • It can be found in the Alma Mater Atrium area.
  • Starting from the Alma Mater Atrium - Tenements breach : having the breach at your back, turn right, and go through the doorway.
  • A bit further, you'll see a series of staircases, going either up, or down ; don't go up, it's a dead end, and a waste of time, since there's absolutely nothing of interest.
  • Instead, go down the stairs, until you reach the opening of a new doorway, to your right.
  • Turn left, and go straight ahead. (The general impression that this area is a whole lot of nothing intensifies...)
  • Enter the doorway to your right ; and dispatch the 1x Preterhuman, and 1x Tool Victim present in the room.
  • WARNING. From there on, it's a point of no return ; so you have to be committed to explore this subsection to the very end, which is quite the trek.
  • Approach the only "window" of the room, and drop down below.
  • After another unfortunate couple of 1x Preterhuman, and 1x Tool Victim, you'll quickly come to the conclusion that there's only one way to go.
  • One running jump, and x1 Tool Victim later, you'll reach another lower platform.
  • Then, to the right, you'll recognize the start of one of the numerous and perilous platforming sections present in the game ; sections that, by this time, you have certainly come to appreciate...
  • If you stick the landing properly after the required running jump, you can grab 1x Scrapped Heater Shield.
  • Another running jump, and another nonsensical platform, but nothing to acquire here.
  • After a final running jump (for now...), you'll reach the starting point of a series of "appartments" / "condos", which span several floors.
  • Before entering, you can grab 1x Coin, lying on the floor.
  • Once inside, there's 1x Material: Pulse Mineral, also lying on the floor.
  • A bit further, 1x Tool Victim is hiding in a corner, to the left.
  • Once that this matter is settled, continue your exploration ; you'll come across a small room, where the floor is missing (from this point on, this becomes a recurring theme...) ; don't jump across, but instead, hug the wall to your right, and just drop down.
  • From there, you can see the glow of an item, on the other side of another hole in the floor
  • You'll have to perform a running jump, while avoiding to bump into the dangling portion of the upper floor, that would stop you in mid air.
  • Once this is done, you can grab 1x Model: Officer Tulle's Glaive.

Model: Officer Tule's Glaive Notes and Tips

  • ?


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