Model: Warrior Saber

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Type Printing Model

Model: Warrior Saber is a Printing Model in HellpointPrinting Models are used either at an Universal Printer, or at an Occult Conjuring Table, in order to craft Weapons, Shields, Armors, and Upgrade Chips.

Model: Warrior Saber - Infromation / Use

  • It can be used at an Universal Printer, in order to craft a Shredding Saber (You can only get this specific Melee Weapon via crafting ; it can't be found throughout the various levels of the game, or looted from defeated enemies).
  • It is important to precise that the crafting has to be performed specifically at an Universal Printer. If you try to do it at an Occult Conjuring Table, Model: Warrior Saber won't show up in the list of the different Printing Models available to you.
  • Required Materials:

Where / How to acquire Model: Warrior Saber

  • 1x can be found in the Sohn District area.
  • Starting from the Sohn District - Balcony breach ; when facing the breach, and having the door you previously had to open in order to access it at your back : take two steps forward, and drop down on the "platform" below.
  • From there, just go straight ahead, until you arrive at a staircase, going down.
  • (Watch out : on the way, don't fall into the large hole, where a good portion of the floor is missing. It is not a fatal fall, but you would find yourself surrounded by enemies.)
  • Once you've reached the staircase, go down, and continue in that direction ; soon enough, you'll arrive in the large open space where you fought the Arisen Congregators.
  • As you emerge from the passageway leading into that space, head forward, and slightly to the right, in the direction of the closest staircase.
  • Go up the stairs : this is another large open space, centered around a wide rectangular hole, right ahead of you.
  • From there, go take a look at the wall located to the left side of this hole.
  • Upon closer examination, you'll discover a mag-lift, going up, and very well hidden from view.
  • Once you're up there, turn left, and take a few steps forward ; then, turn left again, and cross the bridge.
  • At the end of the bridge, turn left ; from this point on, there is only one possible path to progress further ; so follow that path, until the only option left is to drop down in a room with many radioactive jars.
  • You won't take any damage from the fall ; but in your back, 3x Tool Victims are waiting for you. (Well, they don't exactly have lightning fast reflexes, so you should be fine.)
  • Pass the automated door, which is the only way to exit this room ; then, turn left, and go forward.
  • You'll arrive in another room : head forward, and to the right, and go grab 1x Model: Warrior Saber, sitting on a pedestal, against the wall.

Model: Warrior Saber - Notes & Tips

  • ?



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