Material: Earth Minerals

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Type Material

Material: Earth Minerals is a Material in Hellpoint. Materials can be used in the Universal Printer machine to process resources, Print Models, or dismantle ingredients for Crafting.

Materials can be found in various ways, such as enemy or boss drops, scattered in various locations.


 A unique piece of an old mineral from planet Earth.

Used for printing.

Material: Earth Minerals - Information / Use

Where / How to acquire Material: Earth Minerals

  • 1x can be found in the Arisen Dominion area.
    • Starting from the Arisen Dominion : Mine Mausoleum breach : when facing both the breach, and the adjacent Medical Station, turn around ; then, head forward, and slightly to the left, in the direction of the stack of "crates" leaning against the wall to the left.
    • Go around the stack of crates, and the pillar, and you'll find a mag-lift.
    • Take the mag-lift, going up ; once you're up there, turn left, and take two steps forward.
    • Then, head forward, and to the left, and climb upon the stack of crates located at the edge of the platform.
    • If you look down, you'll see a rock formation, standing in the middle of a basin / pool of blueish radioactive goo ; and on top of this rock formation, you can more or less distinguish the glow of an item.
    • With what little space you have at your disposal on top of the crates, take some momentum, and make a running jump, while aiming at the top of the rock.
    • Obviously, you will take some substantial fall damage as you land (With a Health Stat of 18, I lost roughly half of my Health bar) ; but you will also be able to grab 1x Material: Earth Minerals.


  • Alternatively, for each Ration you give to Glum (The ever hungry NPC with the basic Victim model, that you can find in the Observatory area) between 12, and 3 o'clock, you can acquire this particular Material, if you wish to do so (There are only 5x Rations in the entire game, so check the other options before rushing any decision).

Material: Earth Minerals - Notes & Tips

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    • Anonymous

      It would be better to jump of the platform itself, rather than from the crates. Significantly less damage.

      • Anonymous

        Other than the first time you give the guy rations, where are you supposed to get these? I went through the entire game without seeing one, never getting to use the upgraded glaive.

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