Cognition Module

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Type Mind Module 
Effect  Provides a slight boost to Cognition. 

Cognition Module is an Accessory in Hellpoint. Mind Modules can be equipped in their designated inventory slot, and provide different effects.


Provides a slight boost to Cognition.

Cognition Module - Information / Use

Cognition Module - Locations

  • 1x can be found in the Arcology Underside area.
    • Starting from the Arcology Underside - Central Mall breach ; when facing the breach, and having the door leading to the Alma Mater Atrium plaza at your back ; right in front of you, there's a doorway : ignore it for now.
    • Instead, head toward the passageway you can already see from here, forward, and to the right.
    • After exchanging some pleasantries with the welcoming committee of x1 Sentinel, you can break some crates that are in the way, and grab 1x Inselium Rod, and 1x Coin.
    • From there, turn right : you'll see two staircases going up, one to the right, and one on the left. Go up using either one of the two, it doesn't make any difference.
    • While climbing the stairs, you'll encounter 2x Tool Victims. (Watch out, it is not exactly the best place to have a fight...)
    • Once you've reached the very top, you'll find yourself in an almost empty room ; head for the exit, forward, and to the right.
    • Past the doorway, turn left, and go forward ; 1x Small Celestial Beast might object to your presence.
    • On the way, you'll see a path going to the left : ignore it.
    • Just go straight ahead, until you pass a corner to your left : watch out, there are 2x Sentinels, and 2x Radioactive Vipers in this relatively open "room".
    • Once you've cleaned house, you can grab 1x Cognition Module, sitting on a wide "pedestal", in the middle of the room.


  • 1x can be found in the Alma Mater Atrium area.
    • Starting from the Alma Mater Atrium - Shanty Entrance breach : when facing the breach, and having the only pillar present in this room at your back, turn left.
    • There's an opening in the wall, leading to a narrow passageway : go down the stairs.
    • From this point, you're not really spoiled for options when it comes to the possible paths you could take : so just go straight ahead.
    • You'll come across a small room, that barely offsets the feeling of claustrophobia you'll get from this whole subsection ; go down a short set of stairs, and continue straight ahead.
    • From this point on, you'll encounter a high concentration of Small Archons, plus a few Red Vipers, thrown into the mix for the sake of diversity.
    • (On the way, you'll see a door to the right, that you can open by interacting with a switch ; you'll come face to face with 1x Small Archon, the only occupant of an otherwise perfectly empty room.)
    • WARNING. A bit further, you can go down a short set of stairs, and enter another small room ; x2 Small Archons are waiting for you, one on each side of the room, out of sight.
    • Once you've dealt with them, go up another short set of stairs, and pass the doorway.
    • At this point, you're at a first crossroad ; take the path leading to the right, and just follow it until you come across a second crossroad.
    • 1x Model: Firearm Conductor is lying there on the floor, in the middle of the crossroad.
    • Turn left ; at first glance, it would seem like a dead end. Take a few steps forward, and interact with the wall to your left.
    • This will reveal a secret door ; in the small room, you'll find 1x Coin, in the left corner ; 1x Cognition Module, sitting on a pedestal, right in front of you ; and some Informational Data (C Pattern ; Eye Four: 6080 7797), on the right wall.

Cognition Module - Notes / Tips

    • Stack with Weapons abilities "Cognition Handling" +2 to Cognition for a total of +5 to Cognition.



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