Foresight Channeler

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Type Mind Module 
Effects Increases the wearer's Foresight capacity at the cost of Physical Defense.

Foresight Channeler is a Mind Module in Hellpoint. Mind Modules can be equipped in their designated inventory slot, and provide different effects.


Increases the wearer's Foresight capacity at the cost of Physical Defense

Foresight Channeler - Information / Use

  • These are the exact effects it has on your character:
    -25% STR
    +20% FOR
    -15% PHY DEF
    -15% Catalyst Cost

Where / How to acquire Foresight Channeler

  • 1x can be found in the Arisen Dominion area.
    • Starting from the Arisen Dominion - Solar Promenade breach : when facing the breach, and having the door through which you came from the Embassy at your back : turn right, go forward, and then up the stairs.
    • Once you're up there, to your right, there is a stack of stylish..."crates" (?) ; go around them, on their left side, and you'll discover a semi-hidden passage.
    • Follow that passage, until you arrive at a crossroad, with a path going to the right, and a path going to the left.
    • Take the path going to the left, until you arrive in a room with several radioactive jars.
    • You can find 1x Foresight Channeler, more or less hidden behind a small stack of "crates", on the opposite side of the room.


  • 1x can be found in the Port Issoudun area.
    • Inside the Black Hole Gate located in the area that Prodigial opens for you, Go down using the magnetic lift. When you enter the small room the floor will go down and you will be ambushed. Once you defeat all enemies go through the gap on the wall and you will find it.

Foresight Channeler - Notes & Tips

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    • Anonymous

      Equipping this will :
      One - increase your foresight (for me by 2 from 10 to 12) and lower your strength (for me by 3 from 11 to 8)
      Two - lower your physical armor (for me by about 7)
      Three - lower your energy cost (for me by about 2 depending on the weapon, the Channeler of Hell costs 12 energy, it lowers it to 10)

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