Vault Credentials A is a Credentials in Hellpoint. Credentials are used to unlock doors in Hellpoint.

Vault Credentials A

Opens part of the Vault door



Vault Credentials A information

One of two qualifications necessary to gain access to the port's vault



Vault Credentials A Location/Where to find

  •  From the Vault door, turn left and then take the left hallway again. From there follow the hallway ignoring the rooms and dealing with the enemies along the way. Eventually, you will reach a room with dark green light, deal with the enemies then proceed to the next door. The next door has a ledge so you have jump towards the next ledge. Be careful from trap projectiles coming from the right. Eventually, there will be the end of the ledge in into another part of the room with enemies. That would be where Vault Credentials A would be located



Vault Credentials A Notes and tips

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