Seal of the Patriarch

Type Credential

Seal of the Patriarch is a Credential in Hellpoint. Seal of the Patriarch INSERTUSE. Credentials are used to unlock doors in Hellpoint.


A golden coin, masterfully crafted, with some kind of electronic patterns on the back. On its face is carved the profile of an adult male, though not a human.

Seal of the Patriarch Usage



Where to Find Seal of the Patriarch:

  • 1x can be bound at Arisen Dominion. Once you defeat Undisturbed Defas Nemundis, go down using the magnetic lift, you will be able to open two doors leading back to the main area. Go back up and keep going, Defeat 3x Small Celestial beast and pick up Seal of the Patriarch.


Seal of the Patriarch Notes and Tips

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    • Anonymous

      03 Aug 2020 08:10  

      The Eye of the Patriarch is part of a set of four keys used in the Arisen Dominion. It is found within the Mausoluem Mines via an Underworld Monolith. You need to find the boss fight within and win to get it.

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