Silo Key

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Type Credential

Silo Key isCredential in Hellpoint. Credentials are used to unlock doors.


Grants access to the storage silos at Port Issoudun.

Silo Key - Use

  • Grants access to the storage silos at Port Issoudun.
  • The door this Credential opens is (fittingly) located just next to the Port Issoudun - Silos breach.

Where / How to acquire the Silo Key

  • It can be found in the Port Issoudun area.
  • Starting from the Port Issoudun - Silos breach : go down the mag-lift located just next to the breach.
  • Turn around ; take a few steps forward, and turn left.
  • Pass the doorway, and head toward the opening present in the opposite wall, forward, and to the right.
  • Take some momentum, and jump down, while aiming at the upper "platform".
  • Having your back at where you came from, you now have three options : to the left ; forward ; and to the right. Go forward.
  • You'll come across a long staircase : go down. You'll then arrive in a wide room, with flashing wires, hanging from the ceiling ; and two series of six panels, both to the right, and to the left, obstructing the view. (There are several Melee Thespians, and Vicious Hands waiting for you in this room.)
  • Turn right ; take a few steps forward, and hug the wall to the right, until a large opening appears, still to the right.
  • You'll have to perform a running jump in order to cross the gap, and reach the platform located forward, and to the left.
  • From the point where you landed, take a few steps forward, and turn left : 1x Ranged Thespian is waiting for you, just around the corner ; take care of it before the next step.
  • Once it is done, return to the point where you landed ; turn around, take some momentum, and perform another running jump, in order to reach the platform located right ahead of you.
  • Go up the mag-lift ; from there, you can already see the gloden glow of the item you're aiming for.
  • After a third, and final running jump, you can finally grab 1x Silo Key, lying on the floor on a wide, but otherwise totally empty platform.

Silo Key - Notes & Tips

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