INB Vault Key (Orange)

Type Credential

INB Vault Key (Orange) is a Credential in Hellpoint. INB Vault Key (Orange) INSERTUSE. Credentials are used to unlock doors in Hellpoint.


Sports the logo of the Irid Novo Bank. One of these vaults must be hidden somewhere in the Alma Mater Institute.

INB Vault Key (Orange) Usage

  • Once obtained, return to the platform that the (Small Two-Handed Arisen Congregator or Small Artillery stood) - this would also be the area in front of the elevator that leads to Uthos the Ashen Born. With the elevator directly behind you, make your way into the large room, down into the lower area of that room and take either the left or the right exit, again - turning AWAY from the elevator. So if you took the left, turn right. If you took the right, then turn left. If you reach a dead-end... turn around and... well, we all have bad days. Both halls meet at the bottom of a set of curved stairs. There, you will find the usual three-panel-wall that is the tell-tale sign of a secret door. Open it, take whatever is in here, and open the next secret door on the left. There is a blue actuator on the floor of this room where this key will be used.

Where to Find INB Vault Key (Orange):

  • Can be found at Alma Mater - In the main room with the two Dark Sentinels and one Small Artillery (or one Small Two-Handed Arisen Congregator and two Small Archons - depending on where you are at in your playthrough,) if you stand in between the two staircases and walk towards the wall of the platform the Artillery stands on, there is a gap in the floor to fall into.


INB Vault Key (Orange) Notes and Tips

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