Tram Activation Key

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Type Credential

Tram Activation Key isCredential in Hellpoint. Concretely, Credentials serve as keys, and are therefore used to unlock various doors, letting the player progress further into the game.


Activates the tram system, which can be used to quickly travel throughout Irid Novo.

Tram Activation Key - Information / Use

  • Activates the tram system, which can be used to quickly travel throughout Irid Novo.

Where / How to acquire the Tram Activation Key

  • 1x can be found in the Sohn District area.
    • Starting from the Sohn District - Control Center breach : exit the Control Center through the automated door.
    • Past the threshold, turn left, take two steps forward, and just drop down onto the lower platform.
    • From the point where you landed, just go straight ahead, until you arrive at the start of the passageway, which would lead you back to the arena where you fought the Arisen Congregators.
    • Once you're there, don't go down the stairs ; instead, turn right, and jump over the railing (You won't take any fall damage).
    • You're now in some sort of "trench", with a high concentration of Vipers, and a certain number of breakable crates that could be blocking either your, or their movements.
    • From this point, ignore the staircase going up, to your left ; instead, press forward into the trench, until you arrive at a crossroad with a path going left, and a path going right.
    • Take the path going left, and continue until you find yourself in a vast room, with no other choice than to drop down, if you wish to progress further.
    • WARNING. After you have dropped down, as soon as you pass the corner of the wall to your right, you'll get attacked by 1x Small Transporter. This may very well be the first time that you encounter this type of enemy, so proceed with caution.
    • Once you've gotten rid of the beast, go interact with the blue "doorknob" ; it will cause something to move, although you can't be sure yet what it could be.
    • Afterward, head toward the only accessible staircase, that will let you escape this enclosed space.
    • Go up the stairs ; you'll have to make a first running jump, in order to reach an intermediate platform ; from there, you'll have to make a second running jump, to get back to where you initially came from. (The second one is a bit trickier, since the upper part of the character model can easily collide with the thick cables hanging from the ceiling ; hug the wall to your right, and it should save you the frustration of a failed jump.)
    • Then, just follow the path back to the crossroad ; at the crossroad, turn right, and go forward, until you reach the staircase to your right.
    • Turn around, and go up the stairs ; once you're up there, head in a diagonal, forward, and to the left, past the pillar, until you reach the corner of a rectangular "structure" of some sort.
    • From this point, turn slightly to the right ; then, go straight ahead, in the direction of the door with the green lighting, that you can already see in the distance (Before you interacted with the blue "doorknob" in the room below, this door wasn't visible, and even less accessible).
    • After going up a first set of stairs, you'll find yourself at a crossroad, with the aforementioned door right in front of you ; a path going to the right ; and a path going to the left.
    • Follow the path going to the right, and you'll soon arrive in a small room.
    • Pass a first automated door to exit this room ; on the narrow bridge leading to a second automated door, you'll find 1x Breach Synchronizer.
    • Past the threshold of the second door, you'll come across 1x Tram Activation Key, sitting on a pedestal, forward, and to the right.


  • 1x can be found in the Port Issoudun area.
    • Before you can get the Tram Activation Key, first, you'll need to acquire the Silo Key (See Silo Key for more detailed instructions).
    • With the relevant key now in your possession, you can unlock the door leading to the Silos, located just next to the Port Issoudun - Silos breach.
    • Once this is done, go forward ; (for some reason), there is a small elevation, so jump over it ; at the end of this narrow passage, on the wall to the left, you'll find some coordinates / codes to open one of the two Black Hole Doors, located in the Sohn District area : "A Pattern ; Eye Four: 5624 7947".
    • Then, go down the adjacent mag-lift ; turn around, take a few steps forward, and you'll find yourself facing the upper part of a second mag-lift.
    • WARNING. There are 1x Vicious Hand, and 1x Small Hostess just waiting to pounce on you, once you get down there ; the latter is especially troublesome, given the reach on her attacks, since you have very little space to dodge.
    • Just a bit further, there are 2x more Melee Thespians ; don't fall into the big hole to your right (yet).
    • Once you've dealt with them, let's briefly assess the situation ; if you wander a bit on the platform you're currently on, and play with the angle of the camera, you can already see, just below you, the golden glow of the item you're currently aiming for.
    • It's hard not to notice that there are two major obstacles in your way, in the form of 2x Small Consumers ; as they detect your presence, they'll begin to pace around in their enclosed space, and you'll also notice that they don't fall to their deaths, despite the fact that, at first glance, it seems like it should absolutely be the case.
    • There is actually a translucent floor, covering the majority of the "room" below ; which means that you can drop down, without the fear that you'll fall into the tangle of wires and organic matter you can see at the very bottom.
    • Once you've gotten rid of the obstacles, using the method of your choice, go grab 1x Tram Activation Key, sitting on a pedestal

Tram Activation Key - Notes & Tips

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