Key to Dargass Tower

Type Credential

Key to Dargass Tower is a Credential in Hellpoint. Credentials are used to unlock doors in Hellpoint.

This item was a leftover asset and had no use in previous versions of the game.


Grants access to Dargass Tower in the Sohn District.

Key to Dargass Tower Usage

  • Opens the Door to Dargass Tower.


Where to Find Key to Dargass Tower:

  • Can be found at Arcology Low City Sector 1-3CityBlock (Area1)
  • 1x can be found at Sohn District. Take the Path 2 (Long Passage), and go through the opening. There is another opening to your left. Go inside the opening on your left. Use the scaffold to reach the next building. You can find 1x Key to Dargass Tower on top of it


Key to Dargass Tower Notes and Tips

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    • Anonymous

      28 Dec 2020 23:28  

      The tower is located in sohn district it's a smaller pathway to get to it. It was added recently in the last update I believe. It's for the arena Access. Search it on youtube :)

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