Theurgist Leggings

Type Leg Armor
Set Theurgist Set
strength Reflex Cognition Foresight
00 00 00 08
00 00 00 00
Tenacity (Armor) 01 Weight 01
Physical (Defensive) 04% Induction (Defensive) 12%
Energy (Defensive) 02% Entropy (Defensive) 03%
Nihl (Defensive) 12% Radiation (Defensive) 03%

Theurgist Leggings is a Leg Armor in Hellpoint. Theurgist Leggings is part of the Theurgist Set and Tenacity (Armor) 1p and Weight 1p. Leg Armor is used to protect players against attacks of Enemies and Bosses.

Each Leg Armor provide different elemental resistance values, making them more or less useful depending on the situation.


The clothing of the research organization burdened with the task of analyzing and selecting New Knowledge whenever the A.I. was unable to help. No one knows for sure, but this is what the Ministry has disclosed.

Where to find Theurgist Leggings

  • Can be found at Alma Mater. From Alma Mater Institute, go up the stairs located in the middle of the room and you will find it.
  • ??


Theurgist Leggings Notes and Tips

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