Stamina Module

Type Body Module 

Stamina Module is an Accessory in Hellpoint. Stamina Module provides a slight boost to Stamina. Body Modules can be equipped in their designated inventory slot and provide different effects.


Provides a slight boost to Stamina.

Stamina Module Usage/Information:

  • Provides a slight boost to Stamina.
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Where to Find Stamina Module: 

  • 1x can be fond at Arcology Underside. After completing the Hell Hour Time event near to Central Mall breach go outside and head up using the stairs located in the middle of the room. Defeat 2x Shield Mini-Boss, 2x Radiation Viper and 1x Small Celestial Beast. Use the Quantum Light Omnicube to illuminate two hidden platforms leading to the top of the statue. There you will find it.
  • 1x can be found at High Ateliers. Once you reach 100% data you'll be able to access the High Ateliers from the Embassy. Interact with the computer and the elevator will go up. Explore the room and Stabilize the Breach, read the message on the floor and cross the door. Go outside and go up the stairs. Drop into the room, and you will see a Tech station.  Interact with the switch. This will enable the bridge above you. Cross the bridge and on the following room you'll find it.

Stamina Module notes and tips

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