Sentinel Set

Type Armor Set
strength Reflex Cognition Foresight
06 00 00 00
00 00 00 00
Tenacity (Armor) 25 Weight 29
Physical (Defensive) 34% Induction (Defensive) 31%
Energy (Defensive) 66% Entropy (Defensive) 34%
Nihl (Defensive) 13% Radiation (Defensive) 31%

Sentinel Set is an Armor Set in Hellpoint. Sentinel Set provide Defensive Stats against attacks from Enemies and Bosses or from environmental damage. Armor Sets attributes and stats depend on each individual piece. Wearing all Set pieces won't grant any additional effects.


Sentinel Set Parts


Where to find Sentinel Set

  • Can be found at Arcology, outside the Celestial Workshop. Walk to the square located outside. There's a secret room on the wall to your left as you exit from the adjoining room to the breach. First you will need to active a secret interrupter button located behind one of the pillars on the promenade around the square. The column is on the right hand side as you exit from the adjoining room to the breach into the square. Interact with the switch and the secret door opens on the opposite side of the square.  Once inside the secret room, there is another switch to the left corner of the room as you enter.  Interact with this second switch opens another secret door, which leads you down a winding passage where where the Sentinel Set is located.
  • Can be found at Alma Mater. From the Alma Mater – Belvedere Breach, go back outside and go left. Jump to the concrete platform and defeat the enemies. Jump to the building using the platforms and you will find a small room. Open the door and head to the room in front. Here you will find it.


Sentinel Set Notes and Tips

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Sentinel Set Gallery

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    • Anonymous

      02 Aug 2020 09:19  

      A game dev on the Steam forums said this set is hidden behind a secret wall in the Arcology some where. I searched for about 2 hours and i'm yet to find it, hopefully others have more luck!

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