Regenerative Nanobots

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Type Healing Method 

Regenerative Nanobots is a Healing Method in Hellpoint. Healing Methods can be equipped in their designated inventory slot, and provide different effects.


These miniature surgeons operate to cauterize and reconstruct damaged tissues.

Low cost, but takes longer.

Regenerative Nanobots Use / Information

  • Until proven otherwise, when a charge of Regenerative Nanobots is used, it heals the player character to full health, whatever the initial number of HP may be.
  • In other words : this Healing Method is as efficient at the very beginning of the game, when you have 1 point allocated to the Health Stat, as it would be if you had 150 points allocated to the Health Stat (which seems to be the maximum allowed).
  • Once the corresponding animation has played out, the subsequent healing effect takes place over time, at a respectable pace.
  • What sets it apart from the Healing Injection, is that the health regeneration continues for a few seconds, even after reaching full health, or taking further damage.
  • Despite what the ingame description of this Healing Method could lead to believe, there is strictly no difference with the "regular" healing method, be it in terms of "charge cost" ; or the speed at which charges are regained.
  • As with all other Healing Methods, Regenerative Nanobots starts with a total of two charges.
  • The total number of charges is tied to the number of Healing Proficiencies you have used at a Medical Station, in order to upgrade this particular Healing Method.
  • The charges that have been used can be replenished by hitting the enemies with any kind of Melee Weapons (it doesn't work with Firearms, or Catalysts).
  • The speed at which the charges will be replenished depends on the Leech value inherent to the Melee Weapon you are using (you can follow this progress on the icon visible in the left, lower corner of the screen).

Where to Find Regenerative Nanobots

  • It can be found in the Ikari Walkways area, between the Ikari Walkways - East Square breach, and the Ikari Walkways - Crashed Tram breach.
  • You have to activate a switch, in order to open the door to the room it is located in (Model: Restored Heat Shield can be found in this same room).
  • It is the only room that you can find on the most direct path between the two aforementioned breaches (not counting Ortega Tower), so you can't really miss it.

Regenerative Nanobots notes and tips

  • Notes and tips go here...

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