Regenerative Nanobots

Type Healing Method 

Regenerative Nanobots is a Healing Method in Hellpoint. Regenerative Nanobots USE. Healing Methods can be equipped in their designated inventory slot and provide different effects.


These miniature surgeons operate to cauterize and reconstruct damaged tissues.

Low cost, but takes longer.

Regenerative Nanobots Usage/Information:

  • Continues to regenerate for a few seconds, even when receiving damage or reaching full health.
  • Despite the description, there is no difference from the normal healing method in terms of charge cost or charge gain speed.


Where to Find Regenerative Nanobots: 

  • Can be found at Ikari Walkways. From Estate Square Breach, go outside and turn right, you will find the Ortega Tower door (its closed for now). Go to the  broken bridge, and then head right. There’s a door to your right. Open it to find it inside.
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Regenerative Nanobots notes and tips:

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