Purging Ritual

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 Type Healing Method

Purging Ritual is a Healing Method in Hellpoint. Healing Methods are a special type of Accessories that can affect the player's character, or the world inside the game.


This advanced witchcraft ritual should cure Insanity, although some accounts tell of the opposite effect.

Will also heal nearby allies.

Purging Ritual - Information / Effects

  • Can be used to cure Insanity.
  • Will also heal nearby allies.

Where / How to acquire the Purging Ritual

  • It can be found in the Arisen Dominion area.
  • (The following instructions assume that you haven't activated the great elevator yet ; although, for this particular item, it doesn't change much to the route you would have to take.)
  • Starting from the Arisen Dominion - Grand Gallery breach : when facing both the breach, and the nearby square hole, go around the hole, on whichever side you prefer.
  • From there, just follow the passageway (with two series of three benches on each side), and head in the direction of the great doorway that you can see in the distance.
  • Once you've passed this doorway, you'll see a much smaller doorway, with light blue lighting, forward, and to the left.
  • Past the threshold of this second doorway, there's only one possible path for quite a while, until you reach a crossroad : on your left, there's a great door, with a blue "doorknob" just next to it ; and right ahead, you'll arrive in what must be the "Sun Worship Chamber", mentioned in the description of the Sun Hall Access (If a giant, blue, luminous sphere floating in the middle of a vast open space isn't a Sun Worship Chamber, I don't know what is...).
  • Go straight ahead, and as you emerge from the large passageway, into the vast open space, turn right ; then, go hug the wall located to your right, and continue forward, until you reach a first doorway.
  • Pass the threshold, then head forward, and to the right, in the direction of a second, identical doorway.
  • Enter this small room, with what looks like lights for a Christmas tree all over the walls, and go grab 1x Purging Ritual, sitting on a pedestal, right ahead of you.

Purging Ritual - Notes and Tips

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