Minor Thespian Armor

Type Chest Armor
Set Minor Thespian Set
strength Reflex Cognition Foresight
00 00 03 03
00 00 00 00
Tenacity (Armor) 06 Weight 02
Physical (Defensive) 09% Induction (Defensive) 09%
Energy (Defensive) 06% Entropy (Defensive) 06%
Nihl (Defensive) 09% Radiation (Defensive) 22%

Minor Thespian Armor is a Chest Armor in Hellpoint. Minor Thespian Armor is part of the Minor Thespian Set and provides Tenacity (Armor) 6p and Weight 2p. Chest Armor is used to protect players against attacks of Enemies and Bosses.

Each Chest Armor provide different elemental resistance values, making them more or less useful depending on the situation.


One should not be distracted by the elegant form of this twisted armor of cartillage, the  treacherous Thespians are well on their way towards eternal suffering.

Where to find Minor Thespian Armor


Minor Thespian Armor Notes and Tips

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