Major Thespian Set

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Type Armor Set
strength attribute icon hellpoint wiki guide 64px reflex attribute icon hellpoint wiki guide 64px cognition attribute icon hellpoint wiki guide 64px foresight attribute icon hellpoint wiki guide 64px
00 00 05 05
00 00 00 00
tenacity stat icon hellpoint wiki guide 30px 19 weight stat icon hellpoint wiki guide 64px 21
physical icon hellpoint wiki guide 64px 24% induction icon hellpoint wiki guide 64px 24%
energy icon hellpoint wiki guide 64px 12% entropy icon hellpoint wiki guide 64px 12%
nihl icon hellpoint wiki guide 64px 24% radiation icon hellpoint wiki guide 64px 67%

Major Thespian Set is an Armor Set in Hellpoint. Armor Sets provide Defensive Stats against attacks from Enemies and Bosses, or against environmental hazards. The attributes and stats of Armor Sets depend on each individual piece. Wearing all the pieces of a Set doesn't grant any additional effects.

Major Thespian Set - Parts

Where / How to acquire Major Thespian Set

  • Can be crafted using the Major Thespian Set Models
  • The model can be found at Port Issoudun. Open the door leading to Silo right next to the Breach. Go down using the magnetic lift. You will have to fight 1x Hand Enemy and 1x Small Hostess. Keep going down. On the bottom you will have to fight 2x Consumer Enemy. Continue ahead and you will find a circular room. Jump down using the structure. Once you reach the bottom head left. You will find the model inside a small room.


  • The whole Major Thespian Set can be found in the Port Issoudun area.
  • Starting from the Port Issoudun - Silos breach : go down the mag-lift located just next to the breach.
  • Turn around ; take a few steps forward, and turn left.
  • Pass the doorway, and head toward the opening present in the opposite wall, forward, and to the right.
  • Take some momentum, and jump down, while aiming at the upper "platform".
  • Having your back at where you came from, you now have three options : to the left ; forward ; and to the right. Head to the right.
  • Go down the stairs, and cross the bridge.
  • After a wide passageway, you'll arrive in a vast room, with a pentagonal hole in the middle of it. This is where you can find the Vault Door, and where the Horde Event takes place during Hell Hour.
  • Head toward another wide passageway that will let you exit this room, forward, and to the left.
  • Take a few steps forward, and go down the stairs. (To the right of the staircase, you can grab Axions (888), lying on the floor, in the corner.)
  • Go straight ahead, and pass the two pillars ; from there, head in a diagonal, forward, and to the right, until you reach the opposite wall.
  • Pass the corner of the wall, take a few steps forward, and enter the elevator shaft.
  • Interact with the blue "doorknob", which will send the elevator / lift down.
  • After a long ride, there's only one way to go, which is straight ahead. Once you exit the initial passageway, you'll arrive in a vast, open area.
  • WARNING. This area is inhabited by many foes : numerous Melee Thespians, a few Vicious Hands, 1x Small Consumer, and 1x Small Hostess. To make things worse, it's almost pitch black, so stay on your toes (Omnicube Light is mandatory here ; there is also a semi-hidden switch, that turns on some red lighting, but it is only a small improvement in terms of visibility).
  • Follow the "runway" (the platform lit on either side by some linear purple lighting), and when it comes to an end, just drop down.
  • From the point where you landed, with the help of Omnicube Light, you can already see a staircase in the distance, forward, and slightly to the right.
  • (On the way, take the opportunity to grab Third Fool's Head, lying on the floor, next to a pile of rubble.)
  • When you reach the aforementioned staircase, climb the stairs, all the way to the top (up ; turn right ; up).
  • Once you're up there, turn right, and begin to cross the "bridge", partially enclosed by many pillars.
  • Halfway through, if you turn to the right, and position yourself in the right spot, you can just drop down on the second half of the "runway" (a second platform lit on either side by some linear purple lighting), and grab 1x Vault Credentials B.
  • From there, just follow the runway ; at first, it goes straight ahead, but it curves slightly to the right after a while.
  • On the way, at a certain distance, you'll see two crates : one on the left, and one on the right ; and behind these two crates, 2x Melee Thespians, who clearly don't know that discretion is a virtue, whenever you wish to ambush someone.
  • Continue in the same direction, and pass the doorway : from this point on, you'll come across an even higher concentration of Melee Thespians, in an environment that is not exactly ideal for close combat, since there are numerous "holes" in the floor.
  • You have two options : either go to the right ; or go to the left.
  • Go to the right, and perform a running jump ; grab the mag-lift while in mid air, and then go up.
  • Turn right, and head toward the passageway.
  • You're now in a circular room, with a large hole in the middle ; hug the wall, either to the right, or to the left, and go grab the Major Thespian Armor Set (Armor ; Gloves ; Leggings).

Major Thespian Set - Notes & Tips

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Major Thespian Set - Gallery

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