Health Module

Type Body Module 
Effects  +3 points in Health

Health Module is an Accessory in Hellpoint. Health Module provides a slight boost to Health. The exact effect is an increase of the Health stat by 3 points, which equals to about 20 points in HP. Body Modules can be equipped in their designated inventory slot and provide different effects.


Provides a slight boost to Health. 

Health Module Usage/Information:

  • Provides a slight boost to Health.
  • Increases your Health statistic by 3 points.
  • Returns are diminished as you put more levels in your Health.

Where to Find Health Module: 

  • Can be found at Arcology Downtown, after the Celestial Beast fight, sector 2-3 way to pedestrian,


Health Module notes and tips goes here:

  • Helps more in the early game, when only few stat points are available


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