Fragment of a Thespian

 Type Consumables

Fragment of a Thespian are a Consumable Item in Hellpoint. Fragment of a Thespian Can be used to complete the Uthos the Ashen Born quest. Consumables are a special type of items in Hellpoint that can affect the player character and the word inside the game.



A gelatinous part of a Thespian. An offering to the gods. As soon a species becomes sentient and gains knowledge of their own vulnerability, the Thespians begin whispering into their ears. Knowing one's own vulnerability means being able to inflict it on others.


Fragment of a Thespian Use and Effect


Where to find Fragment of a Thespian:


Fragment of a Thespian Notes and Tips:

  • They can be farmed at the Silos Breach at Port Issoudun once you have the key. Go through the door and down the exoclimber, defeat the enemies and continue down to where the floor looks like its missing. Don't worry, you won't fall through. Jump down and kill the two lesser consumer thespians; they'll drop the fragments. From here, just use your transposition cube to port back and respawn the adds.



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