Firearm Conductor

Type Upgrade Chips

Firearm Conductor is an Upgrade Chips in Hellpoint. Firearm Conductor can be equipped on a Firearm at a  Weapons Editor to augment power based on Cognition.

Upgrades Chips are a special type of item in Hellpoint that can boost your stats or powers. Upgrades themselves can be leveled up with Axions.


 Firearm Conductor Use/Information:


Where to Find Firearm Conductor:

  • 1 x Can be found at Sohn District. Go to Path 1 (Short Passage). Continue ahead you will find the room leading to the alley where you previously opened the door. Keep going and defeat 2x Beam Lava Enemies and 2x Lava Enemies. You can find 1x Axions (222) dropped in the ground. You will see a door to your right. If you go inside you will have to fight 3x Viper. Once outside, you will see some stairs going down. From there look backwards and you will see a way below the stairs. Here you will find many enemies and 1x Axions (444) and 1x Firearm Conductor +1.
  • 1 x Can be found in Arcology. From the first breach, go up the stairs and to the far right side of  the room, then turn right after reaching the elevator. It is in front of a pile of rubble at the side of the room.
  • Can be crafted using:


Firearm Conductor Notes & Tips

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