Fearful Effigy

 Type Consumables

Fearful Effigy is a Consumable Item in Hellpoint. Fearful Effigy can be used at a Breach to diminish challenge. Consumables are a special type of items in Hellpoint that can affect the player character and the word inside the game.


A soft-looking statuette that appears to be clutching something close to its heart. You feel an urge to take great care of this little figurine.

Can be used at a Breach to diminish challenge.

Fearful Effigy Use and Effect

  • Can be used at a Breach to diminish challenge.


Where to find Fearful Effigy:

  • 1x Can be found in Sohn District. Take the Left Alley, there are some stairs to your left with 1x Lava Enemy on top. From here you can jump into the metallic frame. Be careful not to fall and go outside and jump to the roof. Here you will find 1x Fearful Effigy.
  • 1x can be found at Port Issoudun. To see the step by step check the walkthrough of  Port Issoudun
  • 1x can be obtained as a reward at Port Issoudun after participate on an event at the Vault Door Room.
  • 1x can be found at Arcology, next to the West Square breach. 
  • 1x can be found at Alma Mater


Fearful Effigy Notes and Tips:

  • ???


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