Entropic Shield Conductor

Type Upgrade Chips

Entropic Shield Conductor is an Upgrade Chips in Hellpoint. Entropic Shield Conductor INSERTUSE.

Upgrades Chips are a special type of item in Hellpoint that can boost your stats or powers. Upgrades themselves can be leveled up with Axions.


 Entropic Shield Conductor Use/Information:


Where to Find Entropic Shield Conductor:

  • Can be found at Alma Mater.  From the open area at Alma Mater Institute, head right, jump over the structures and go down through the platforms to find it.

  • 1x Can be found at Alma Mater. From the Underground, go straight from the elevator and you will find a room with a broken monolith. As soon as you enter the walls will open and you will be ambushed by 4x Tentacle Victim. After you defeat them you can pick it up behind the monolith.


Entropic Shield Conductor Notes & Tips

  • Equip it on a shield to improve defense against entropy.
  • Other notes...




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