Disciple Shield

Type Shields
strength Reflex Cognition Foresight
00 00 00 00
00 00 00 00
Stability 30 Stamina Regen 60
Deflection 1500 Weight 02
Physical (Defensive) %65 Induction (Defensive) %95
Energy (Defensive) %100 Entropy (Defensive) %70
Nihl (Defensive) %70 Radiation (Defensive) %70

Disciple Shield is a Shield in Hellpoint. Disciple Shield is used to block the attack of the enemies and Bosses. Shields have different defense values that make them more or less effective depending on the enemy or situation.


Disciples of the Prying Eye created this beautiful apparatus, which they proudly raise up during their daily communion. It acts as both a magnifier and a symbol of their openness.

Where to find Disciple Shield

  • 1 x can be found at Sohn District. Take the Path 2 (Long Passage), go through the opening. Use the stairs on the other side of the building. In the small room you will find a painting on the wall. Read it to obtain Data. Jump through the opening on the wall. Fight 2x Viper to obtain 1x Axion (222). Jump down and defeat all enemies. Go inside the building. Here you will find the Disciple Shield.
  • 1 x can be found at Arisen Dominion. From the Grand Gallery after, cross the door on the other side of the bridge, defeat the enemies and then go inside the room to find it.

Disciple Shield Abilities

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Disciple Shield Notes and Tips

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